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Heritage Parts Announces Exclusive Distribution Agreement with LoggerFlex 

Heritage Parts announced today that it has launched a partnership with LoggerFlex, offering exclusive distribution of the company’s smart monitoring devices to US-based chain and institutional accounts and service companies. 

LoggerFlex, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, manufactures “buns,” or data recorder-alarm hybrid systems. These units continually measure environmental parameters, such as temperature or relative humidity (RH), at desired intervals. If the temperature or RH exceed or fall below the desired limit, operators will receive a text message and email notification ― eliminating the need for manual monitoring.

“This partnership is a bit of a departure from our traditional OEM relationships in that we aren’t selling a replacement part, but a solution to help foodservice customers better manage refrigeration,” said Erik Koenig, VP of strategic marketing & product content with Heritage. “As parts experts, Heritage is looking to offer customers these types of innovative products because we know maximizing the equipment’s performance is just as important as maximizing uptime by ensuring the use of 100% Genuine OEM parts."

Operated by an ultralong-life battery, the LoggerFlex bun stores all records in its internal memory and uploads them in the cloud-based application. The records are accessible on any platform via web-based application and available to view and download in PDF or Excel formats.

“We believe technology should make life easier, not more complicated! Our mission is to make advanced measurement technology easily accessible and simply usable for everyone. We provide smart solutions to make things easier for people in the food industry,” said Arash Aharpour, executive director of LoggerFlex.

He continued, “Heritage Parts, with a valuable treasure of experience, deep knowledge about users’ requirements and vast network of distribution channels, is the best ally for us to fulfill our mission. The synergy from our alliance could help services and products evolve and thrive in alignment with customers’ needs and expectations and increase food safety for everyone.”

LoggerFlex products can be purchased through Heritage at For more information on LoggerFlex, visit

About Heritage Parts 

Founded in 1987, Heritage Parts is North America’s leading provider of 100% Genuine OEM replacement parts for commercial and institutional kitchen equipment. The success of the Heritage Parts Expert team sets it apart due to its unmatched customer service and evolution of technology solutions for the foodservice industry. Headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the company’s continued mission is to provide the highest quality personal care ensuring a positive service experience, and to promote OEM partnerships through extension of the OEM’s brand and service reach beyond existing networks. For more information, visit

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