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Technology Used as a Digital Resource Saves Time and Adds Efficiencies


Today, time is of the essence, especially when foodservice equipment is down. Service providers and end-users in the industry are looking for fast service and fast answers with minimal hassles. When repairs are needed, it ideally should have been taken care of yesterday. The mantra of operators is, ‘the faster, the better’, and accuracy is a must.

There are many benefits of today’s technology. It has sped things up, increased efficiencies, added conveniences and now can be utilized to quickly and accurately research and purchase replacement parts for foodservice equipment.

According to a leading eCom platform provider, more than 50 percent of the website traffic would come from mobile applications in 2018. Websites need to be responsive and optimized for this reality.

Heritage has rolled out a number of technology enhancements on its website,, geared toward making the equipment part purchasing process as user-friendly, fast and accurate as possible, regardless of the device being used.

  • With Heritage’s new technology, Expert ID 360™, identifying necessary replacement parts quickly and accurately has now become easier. The 360-degree feature can be accessed on desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones, so it can be used anywhere at any time. With this technology, 60,000 equipment part SKUs can be examined in a 360-degree spin set. Users simply drag the image icon with a mouse or their finger, which rotates the graphic horizontally left to right or spins it up and down. These actions provide a complete, three-dimensional view of the part, which verifies the order is accurate.
  • Another major advancement is the addition of 400,000 equipment manuals on Heritage’s website. With this new feature, service technicians can access necessary data as well as research equipment manuals needed for maintenance and repairs on the job site. This information also helps with part identification and ensures the correct orders are being placed.
  • The third website enhancement is a major improvement on the product search experience. This augmentation makes finding parts on even easier. Searching by part number or product description delivers more relevant results at faster speeds than ever before. Users can also search by manufacturer and model number using a drop down menu of options. After drilling into a manufacturer or model, users can drill down even further by part types. This is especially helpful when a user does not have a part number but knows the equipment model and the type of part they are looking to replace.

In addition to providing added convenience in sourcing parts as well as the speed needed for quick ordering, Heritage’s website’s mobile optimized experience provides all these features wherever the repair takes you.

The goal of these website enhancements is to provide as much information as possible to customers and service technicians, saving the time it would take to call in an order. This technology also simplifies the process of looking up the needed part and verifying visually or with the online equipment manual that it is correct. Orders can be placed directly from the website, as well.

Heritage Parts has the largest inventory of Genuine OEM parts in the country, and boasts more than 99 percent parts identification accuracy and same-day shipping. Ordering parts from Heritage is the fastest way to get the right part for your equipment to minimize downtime and ensure customer satisfaction.

You should expect the same convenience and speed from your parts supplier that you receive from modern, on-demand services and one-stop shopping websites. Call 1-800-458-5593 to speak with your dedicated Parts Expert, or visit to order parts anytime.

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