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February 19, 2019 Foodservice Innovation

What We Learned - NAFEM 2019

By Erik Koenig, Director of Marketing Heritage Foodservice Group

NAFEM 2019 is in the books and it was a great show once again! For those in our industry who have not had the opportunity, I recommend attending – it’s an event that brings everyone together to talk all things foodservice equipment. My team was fortunate to be welcomed to work with brands such as Jackson, Thermodyne, Traulsen, Groen, Power Soak, Garland, Frymaster, Multiplex and more to highlight how they are bringing simplicity in operation, maintenance and connectivity to customers.

There was more to take in then there was time but I can summarize my experience into a couple of topics:

  • Connected Kitchens and Equipment: Everything is getting smarter and how we manage those assets is becoming increasing critical. From labor, to energy to overall cost of ownership, how we manage and use the data that equipment is providing is a challenge. Given a typical commercial kitchen can contain over 25 different manufacturers, how end-users can consolidate that footprint under a single integrated solution will be a crucial challenge to figure out so we can get the most out of that data.

  • Simplicity in operation: Part of saving labor is also making the equipment easier to operate and maintain. With equipment doing more in the kitchen, taking steps out of how a final product is produced is important. Just as important is how quickly you can get a piece of equipment back up and running. Making it easier for service technicians to access the parts most likely needing to be replaced can help ensure minimal downtime. Finally, keeping equipment clean is also a key component in making it easy to operate. Automated cleaning cycles, new one-step chemical cleaners are helping owner-operators tackle the tasks that in the past may have been performed on less than a regular basis.

For more insights take a look at our daily recap featuring Robin Ashton.  We will have more content from NAFEM 2019 coming soon, including video, editorial content and more so stay Connected to the Heritage Parts blog.


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