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January 25, 2019 Foodservice Innovations

“Labor Savings” in Foodservice

Improving labor costs in restaurants doesn’t necessarily mean reducing overhead – quite often restaurants are already running tight and staffing less wouldn’t be a good idea. Costs can be improved by focusing on overall efficiency, training, and retention. This is where the use of modern equipment and optimized kitchen design comes in.


Worker Shortage and High Turnover: Labor recruitment, training, and retaining talent remain a top challenge in the foodservice business. Restaurant staff turnover causes problems; expensive, slow service, and it damages the overall guest experience.

Contributing Factors:

  • High employment demand in the hospitality industry
  • High turnover rate creates cost. (finding, hiring, training time required to get a new employee up to full productivity)
  • Competition between chains has intensified with some promising better benefits and a healthier work environment. Some larger chains even offer programs to help employees pay for college tuition, enticing employees to move from one employer to the next.
  • It’s an industry where many young people work while in high school or college, but move on after graduation.
  • Less young people are interested. They prefer to build resume than having a job.
  • Traditionally, these jobs attract a lot of immigrants, but now more educated immigrants pursue better jobs.


  • Maintain consistent food quality and service standards
  • Accelerate onboarding
  • Create an environment people like where people want to stay
  • Empower employees (provide more responsibilities)
  • Grow your business despite above challenges
  • Reduce cost while doing so


  • Streamline operational processes to ensure efficiency
  • Optimize the workflow in the kitchen (Welbilt fitKitchen analysis) implementing the right kind of equipment
    • Use equipment that offers multiple cooking functions to a) optimize the flow in your kitchen and b) allow you to grow your business by adding new menu items
  • Offer training on more intuitive, user-friendly equipment
    • Welbilt’s easyTouch® icon-driven controls minimize training time and errors, reducing stress in a hectic kitchen.
  • easyTouch® walks employees through the cooking process, which frees up time for employees assume more responsibilities and boosts overall morale.
  • Eliminate time-consuming and repetitive tasks that workers hate
    • Ex. Welbilt equipment offers self-cleaning features.
  • Implement equipment that tells you what needs to be done
    • Ex. Fryers that tell you when oil needs to be changed.
  • Increase safety and overall convenience with equipment that alerts you to its needs
  • Technological innovations and automation in the kitchen are allowing more time for “meaningful” interactions and provide a better customer experience.
  • Select connected equipment: If you’re responsible for several stores, you’ll get valuable insights sent directly to your device that allow you to make more informed business decisions.
    • Ex. How to allocate human resources
    • Ex. Identifying peak times at particular stores (This helps prevent costly under or overstaffing.)



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