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The Heritage Value

We get to know our customers, and our customers know that they can ask us to find any OEM part from any manufacturer. Our Customer Service Representatives are industry experts happy to answer your questions and track down tricky components. Whatever you need, we provide it, and we take full responsibility for your orders. If something isn't correct, we make it right. Pure and simple. No hassle. No hesitation. We make sure that doing business with Heritage means getting unsurpassed service, information, and personal attention.
Woman with headset on phone in call center
Infographic | 43,000 different parts currently in out warehouse, inustry's largest inventory. | Same day shipping - we ship thousands of parts directly from our OEM partners on the same day | Dedicated customer care - whatever you need, we provide it. | 99% correct identification of parts. If something isn't correct, we make it right. Pure and simple. No hassle. No hesitation.
We are Heritage Parts. We have a vision to be the most trusted, customer-focused OEM parts provider in the world. Our mission is to provide the highest quality customer care in the foodservice industry, working hard to build lasting relationships and deliver the answers our customers count on.

Mixing can-do with know-how, our dedicated staff use every resource at their disposal. We rely on an exceptional knowledge base, vast inventory, and technical innovations to supply the results customers need.
We are Heritage Parts. We Always Deliver.


  • Heather Carpenter

    Customer Service Manager - Institutions

  • Jeff Helton

    Distribution Center Director

  • Sam Lash

    Human Resources Director

  • Jeff Mann


  • Tiffany Helton

    Customer Service Manager - Service

  • Jason Carpenter

    Customer Service Manager - Chains

  • Jeff Hensley

    Purchasing Director

  • Bryan Librandi

    SVP eCommerce & Strategic Marketing

  • Torrence Craig

    New Business Development Manager

  • Mike Sajdak


  • Kelly Biddle

    Customer Service Group Manager

  • John McDonough


  • Michelle Miller

    Corporate Controller

  • Missy Schultz

    Accounting Manager

  • Doug Kemerly

    Purchasing Manager

  • Sabrina Lytle

    Inside Business Development Manager

  • Lance Gordon

    Product Content Team Leader

  • Mac Routen

    SVP Institutional Markets & Customer Service Ops

  • Tari Kovets

    Customer Service Group Manager

  • Mark Waterson

    Facilities Director

  • Damon Childers

    EVP Service Markets & OEM Relations

  • Brad Schaefer

    Distribution Center Production Manager

  • Alison Moyers

    Warranty Manager

  • Kyle Schroeder

    ECommerce Platform Manager

  • Cameron Holt

    ECommerce Engineer

  • Heather Civiletto

    Customer Service Group Manager