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Introducing Simple Fix


Our Smart Solution Makes You the Hero

Simple Fix puts the power of simple repairs into your hands, keeping your restaurant equipment running
at its best. Simply put, Simple Fix
 makes you the hands on hero of your organization.

Just look for the Simple Fix mark next to parts on our website. This mark designates a safe and easy
repair that you can do yourself. This saves you time and money, impacting your bottom line in ways that
translate into real results.


What Makes a Repair a Simple Fix?

In order to qualify as a Simple Fix, the repair must meet three criteria:

1. Only minimal tools are required.

2. You don't need to disconnect water, gas or electric.

3. The repair doesn't pose a safety risk to an untrained person.




SIMPLE MATH - Proven ROI for You

Simple Fix repairs eliminate the added cost of a service technician, and can save you up to $150 per instance. It's that simple!


SIMPLE SUCCESS - Building Your Toolbox is Easy

Simple Fix repairs require only a few of the most basic tools. To start building your toolbox, download our checklist of tools. 


Have a Question or Suggestion? Ask Us!

We're here to help! Just contact us if you have questions about an existing Simple Fix or have
a suggestion for a new Simple Fix
repair. If it qualifies, we'll add it to our site.

View our Simple Fix videos