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Height (Inches) 0.25
Width (Inches) 0.25
Length (Inches) 12.0
Weight (Lbs) 0.26
Haz Material No
Freight No
Returnable Yes

Fits Models

MOD100E, HMP-6, HT-500AF, HT-427AF, HT400AF, HT500AF, HT527AF, M227, M400, M427, MOD-100, MOD-100HT, MOD-100HTD-22210, MOD-100HTD-22209, MOD-100T, MOD-327TDM, MOD-300TDMN/AF, RW-26HD, SS-276ULTD, MOD-200TN, RW-2, WVG-136, WV-2HFG, WV-2HG, RW-1, SS-10TDUCIAF, SS-10TDUIAF, SS-8TDUCIAF, MOD100HE, MOD-200TD, MOD327TDM/AF, RN36HD, MOD500, WV4HFRW, MOD527TDM/AF, MOD200D, MOD500T, M327EAF6, BMW206ULRT, RW2HD, BMW206ULSTD/AF, BMW206ST, MOD427, RN16HD, M200ED6, M200EAF, M227EDM6, M227CEAF, MOD227, MOD500TDM/AF, M327EAF, RN26HD, HSW6DAF, HT200, HSW-6D, HT-527, HT227AF, HT427, MOD-100HTD-22208, MOD-127TD/AF, MOD-200, MOD-227TDM, MOD-300, MOD-400TDM, MOD-400TDM/AF, MOD-500T, RW-1HD, HT300, HTI-400AF, WV-4HFRWT, SS-10TD, SS-206ULTD, SS-8ULTD, WV-2HSG, MOD-127TDWA, BMW206RT6, BMW206ULSTD, M200CEDM, SS8T, MOD527, RWN2, SS206ULT, M400ED, M427EDM, MOD-300TDMN, SS8TD6, WV2HSG, MOD200TDMN, MOD400, M200CEAF6, BMW206ULST, M300EDM6, MOD400DM, TSW6D, RWN3, M300ED6, MOD300TDMN/AF, M427EDM6, HT-227AF, RWN-36, HMP6, HT327, MOD-427TDM, MOD-500TDM, RW-36, RW-36HD, RW-3HD, SS-10ULT, SS-276ULT, BMW-206RT, SS-4ULT, BMW-206ULSTD, WV-4HSRWT, SS-10T, BMW-206RTD, WVF886RWT, SS-4ULTD, WV-2HSGRW, SS-4TD, MOD-100ED, SS-206TD6HI, MOD200T, MOD227TDM, BMW206RT, M327EDM, M400EAF6, MOD400TDM/AF, MOD527TDM, WV4HF, WVF-886RWT, MOD227TDM/AF, RW26HD, M300E6, RW36HD, M200CED, BMW206STD, M527EAF6, M327EDM6, M500EDM6, M300EAF6, M400E, MOD327, SS206ETD, MOD200TDN, RWN-26, HMP-6D, MOD-327, HT-300, HT-327, HT300AF, HTI300AF, M200, MOD-100HTD-22207, MOD-127, MOD-300TD, RW-16HD, RWN-1, SS-4T, WVG-136RW, MOD-100HE, SS4T, SS-8TDUIAF, BMW-206STDL, SS206ULTD, SS10ULTD, SS10TD, MOD127TD, RW16HD, SS4ULTD, M227CEDM, MOD-227TD, MOD300TDAF, WVF886EU, SS8TU, RW3HD, BMW206ULRTD/AF, MOD100HTD, M400ED6, SS276ULTD, M500EAF, M500EAF6, RWN26, M300E, MOD-300TDM, MOD100ED, HT-500, HT227, RWN-3, HSW6, HT-327AF, HT-527AF, HT527, MOD-100HTD, MOD-200TDM/AF, MOD-400T, MOD-427, MOD-600, BMW-206ULRTD, BMW-206ULST, SS-10ULTD, WV-2HFGRW, SS-8ULT, WVF886RW, WV-FGRW, HTI-300AF, WVG-136RWT, MOD-200T, BMW-206RT6, MOD300, SS4ULT, SS276T, RWN16, M427EAF, M527EAF, M400EDM, MOD100T, WVF-886RW, M200EDM6, M500E, M227EAF6, SS10TDCIAF, MOD200TDM, MOD200TDMN/AF, M200CEDM6, M300EDM, SS206ET, M200EAF6, RWN36, HSW-6, HT-200, HT-400, HTI400AF, HW-106D, HW/SMP-6D, MOD-100TD, MOD-100TD/AF, MOD-127TD, MOD-200TDM, MOD-200TDMN, MOD-300TDM/AF, MOD-327TDM/AF, MOD-427TDM/AF, MOD-500TD, MOD-527, MOD100TD, MOD200TD, RW-16, RW-26, RW-2HD, RWN-16, RW-3, BMW-206STD, BMW-206ULRTD/AF, SS-206TD, SS-206ET, SS-206T, WV-FGRWT, MOD-100E, SS-206TDU, MOD500TD, MOD500D, WV2HFGRWT, WV2HSGRWT, WV4HSRW, M200ED, MOD427TDM/AF, RW176HD, M500ED6, BMW206ULRTD, M200CE, M300ED, M527EDM6, MOD-300TN, MOD200, SS276TD, MOD200TDAF, M300EAF, HT-227, HT-200AF, HMP-6ULD, HMP6D, MOD-227, HSW6D, HT-427, HT500, M527, MOD-200TDMN/AF, MOD-200TDN, MOD-400, MOD-400TD, RW-176HD, BMW-206ST, SS-8T, SS-8TD, SS10T, WVV-GRW, WV-4HS, WV-2HFGRWT, SS-276TDFI, HSW-6DAF, MOD100TDWA, M300EAFTH, M227CEAF6, M227EAF, M400EAF, MOD300DM, SMP-6D, SS8ULTD, WV2HFG, WV2HSGRW, WV4HS, WVF-886, WVF-886EU, SS206TDU, MOD100HT, MOD300TDM/AF, SS10TDUIAF, HT327AF, HT427AF, BMW206RTD, M200EDM, M227CEDM6, M500EDM, M400E6, MOD200DM, MOD500DM, M200CED6, SS10ULT, HT-400AF, HMP6ULD, HT-300AF, HT400, M327, M300, M500, HT200AF, MOD-227TDM/AF, MOD-500, MOD-527TDM, MOD-500TDM/AF, MOD-527TDM/AF, RWN-2, MOD-300T, WV-4HFRW, WV-2HSGRWT, WV-4HF, WVF886, SS-206ETD, SS-206ULT, WV-FG, BMW-206ULRT, RW-4, WV-4HSRW, BM-206STDL, MOD200TN, MOD127TDWA, SS8ULT, SS276ULT, M527EDM, M200E, MOD300D, SS206T, SS206TD, WV2HFGRW, RWN1, BMW206STDL, RW1HD, TSW6ULD, M200CEAF, HW-6D, M227EDM, MOD500TDM, MOD400TDAF, SS8TD, MOD400D, M400EDM6, M500ED, M500E6, MOD200TDM/AF, MOD-300TDN

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