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Height (Inches) 0.75
Width (Inches) 4.35
Length (Inches) 9.2
Weight (Lbs) 0.49
Haz Material No
Freight No
Returnable Yes

Fits Models

2TR45DF, 1VK85DF, 2TR65DF, 2VK45CF, 3TR85CF, 1VK45A, 1VK65AF, 1VK65CF, 1VK65C, 1VK65D, 3VK45CF, 3VK45DF, 4TR85CF, 1TR45DF, ML-136917-3VK65CF, ML-136887-1VK45C, ML-136910-2VK85DF, ML-136895-1VK45DF, ML-136896-1VK45CF, ML-136914-3VK45CF, 1VK85D, 2TR85AF, 3TR45AF, 2VK85DF, 1TR65C, 1TR65CF, 1TR65D, 1TR85A, 1VK45AF, 1VK45D, 3VK45AF, 4TR65AF, 4VK45AF, 4VK65CF, 4VK65DF, ML-136920-3VK85CF, ML-136923-4VK45CF, ML-136905-2VK45CF, ML-136903-2VK45AF, ML-136912-3VK45AF, ML-136916-3VK65DF, ML-136902-1VK85CF, 1VK85CF, 3TR45CF, 3TR85AF, 1TR85DF, 3VK65DF, 3VK85CF, 3VK85DF, 4TR45AF, 4TR65CF, 4VK85CF, 1TR45D, ML-136906-2VK65AF, ML-136899-1VK65CF, ML-136897-1VK65AF, 1VK65DF, 2VK65DF, 3TR45DF, 3TR65DF, 1TR85CF, 4VK45CF, 1TR45A, 1TR65AF, ML-136908-2VK65CF, ML-136892-1VK85D, ML-136894-1VK45AF, ML-136901-1VK85DF, ML-136939-4VK85DF, 2TR65AF, 2VK65CF, 3TR85DF, 1TR85AF, 3VK85AF, 4TR65DF, 4TR85AF, 4VK85AF, 1TR45C, ML-136904-2VK45DF, ML-136913-3VK45DF, ML-136918-3VK85AF, ML-136915-3VK65AF, ML-136885-1VK45A, ML-136941-4VK65DF, 2TR45CF, 2TR85DF, 2VK65AF, 2VK85CF, 3TR65AF, 1TR65DF, 1VK45CF, 3VK65AF, 3VK65CF, 4TR45DF, 4TR85DF, 1TR65A, ML-136889-1VK65D, ML-136921-4VK45AF, ML-136888-1VK65A, ML-136898-1VK65DF, ML-136940-4VK85CF, 1VK85A, 1VK85AF, 2VK45AF, 1TR85C, 1VK45C, 4TR45CF, 1TR45CF, ML-136890-1VK65C, ML-136893-1VK85C, ML-136911-2VK85CF, ML-136907-2VK65DF, ML-136886-1VK45D, ML-136891-1VK85A, 1VK85C, 2TR45AF, 2TR65CF, 2TR85CF, 2VK45DF, 2VK85AF, 3TR65CF, 1TR85D, 1VK65A, 1VK45DF, 4VK65AF, 4VK45DF, 4VK85DF, 1TR45AF, ML-136937-4VK65CF, ML-136919-3VK85DF, ML-136900-1VK85AF, ML-136909-2VK85AF, ML-136922-4VK45DF, ML-136935-4VK65AF, ML-136938-4VK85AF

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