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VULCAN ORIFICE,SPUD, 00-010901-00056

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Height (Inches) 0.88
Width (Inches) 2.31
Length (Inches) 2.5
Weight (Lbs) 0.19
Haz Material No
Freight No
Returnable Yes

Fits Models

VG160, EG260-ML-52490, 36LC-ML-52948, GHMCB34-ML-52244, Range, VG60, 72LCC, 48L-ML-52949, IR2B, 60LC, IR44, M7806, 148LC, GHMCB34, GHMCB51-ML-52246, 60LCC-ML-52952, 72LC, EG160-ML-52489, 160L-ML-52953, GHCB34S, IR2T, IR2B-ML-52201, 260LC, M7809, 60LCC, 172LC, 481L-ML-52950, VG24-ML-114553, VG48, GHCB51S, EG60-ML-52488, 260LCC-ML-52954, 160LC, EG260, 60L, MG12, 481LC, 36 GRIDDLE, 24 GRIDDLE, VG24, 272L, IR1-ML-52200, IR1, 481L, EG160, EG60, VG60-ML-114555, 60L-ML-52952, 272LC, VG36-ML-114554, 12 OPEN TOP, GHMCB51, 72L, GHCB34S-ML-135526, 172L, 481LC-ML-52950, 260LC-ML-52954, EG24-ML-52486, 160L, 36L, 36LC, 24L, 260L, Warmer, EG36, 60LC-ML-52952, EG36-ML-52487, 260L-ML-52954, IR2T-ML-52207, 260LCC, Grill, IR2, 148L, 48L, EG24, VG36, VG260, GHCB51S-ML-135527, GHIR44-ML-52210, 272LCC, 36L-ML-52948, VG260-ML-114557, 24L-ML-52947

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