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Height (Inches) 0.3
Width (Inches) 0.8
Length (Inches) 2.0
Weight (Lbs) 0.32
Haz Material No
Freight No
Returnable Yes

Fits Models

VG160, GHM3/72, G48C-ML-136493, GHM45/72, VG60, GHM60/72, GHX60, V2FT36C, VCBB36S, VC4GD-ML-126611, GHM30C, GCO2C, GH45, GH6S, VC4ED, VG30, VR3C, GH56S, Range, VC4GC, VC6GS, VR7C, ET8, ETH10, K40GLT, G260C, 36LC-ML-52948, 48L-ML-52949, 72LCC, G60X-ML-136481, GHXM45, G260C-ML-136489, GH60T/45C, V6B36U, K60GL, ML-136094 K30GLT, GHM72/45, VG30-ML-126847, V2P36C, V6B36, V2P36, VCBB48, VE30-ML-126849, 148LC, G36C, GH6045C, Heavy Duty Range, VC44GD, VE30, VR1C, 60LC, GH60T/72, VC4ES, G60C, ETH11R, ETH88, G48F, ET101R, VCBB18B, 36C, 60LCC-ML-52952, 72CC, 72LC, 72SS, ML-136092 K60GL, GHX45-ML-52217, SG4C-ML-114876, GHM60/45, GHM72-ML-52155, GHM56-ML-52153, G60FCC-ML-136486, VCBB18, GH30C, SG6C, 260LC, 60LCC, ECO2D, GH3/72C, GH72, ETH101, K20GLT, ET8R, G36F, ET10R, 160L-ML-52953, 172LC, 481L-ML-52950, G36S-ML-136473, GHX72-ML-52219, GHXM60-ML-52221, G36F-ML-136474, G36C-ML-136746, GH60/45C, GHM45-ML-52152, VG24-ML-114553, VG48, VC6GC-ML-136495, VGMT36C, GHX60T-ML-52223, VG24, VG40-ML-126848, V6B36C, VCBB36B, V4B36, GCO2D-ML-114569, GHX72, K20GL, 60L, GH60/45, 481LC, MG12, 160LC, GH6T45C, SG6D, VR4C, VR5C, G36X, 260LCC-ML-52954, 272L, SG6D-ML-114877, GHM3/72-ML-126408, GH30C-ML-53146, GHM60T/72, VC6GS-ML-126612, GH60T72, VR6C-ML-52960, G260CC-ML-136490, ML-136096 K60GLT, G36X-ML-136475, GH72C, VC4GS-ML-126610, V2FT36, SG6C-ML-114878, GCO2D, SG4C, VC4EC, VR6C, 481L, GH3/72, GH60T/45, VC4GS, ETH88R, ETH8R, G60F, K60GLT, VCBB24, VGM36, 272LC, 60L-ML-52952, VC4ED-ML-126744, GHX60T, GH6-ML-126402, V4B36U, GH60T72C, G60-ML-136479, VR7C-ML-52111, GHM60T-ML-52172, VG60-ML-114555, K40GL, ML-136091 K40GL, VE40-ML-126850, VC6GD-ML-126613, VC6ED-ML-126747, VG36-ML-114554, GCO2C-ML-114571, VGM36C, VWT36, GH3/72-ML-126406, ECO2C-ML-114572, G36-ML-136472, G60XCC-ML-136487, G48C, SG4D, ECO2C, GH30, GH72/45, VC6EC, VC6ED, G60X, G260, 172L, VCBB36C, 481LC-ML-52950, 60SC, 72L, GHCB40-ML-52211, VC6ES-ML-126746, GHM60T/45, GHM45, G260-ML-136488, GHM60, SG4D-ML-114875, GH60TC, VR5C-ML-52959, GH60-ML-52144, GH30-ML-52141, GH45/72-ML-52180, GHXM60T-ML-52224, G60CC-ML-136485, GHM60-ML-52154, VC4ES-ML-126743, GHX45, VR2C-ML-52956, GH72/45C, V1FT36C, GH45C, V4B36C, VWT36C, GHM72, GH60, GH6C, VC6GC, VC6GD, 160L, 24L, 260L, 36L, 36LC, GH3/72S, GH45/72, GH60T, GH56, Warmer, VC4GD, VE40, VC6ES, VG40, ET88, ET10, ETH10R, ETH8, G260CC, VCB25M, 260LC-ML-52954, 60LC-ML-52952, GHXM60T, G60XC-ML-136484, G48F-ML-136492, VC4EC-ML-126745, G60F-ML-136480, GHXM72, VC6EC-ML-126748, GHX60-ML-52218, GH45/72C, V1FT36, G60FC-ML-136483, GH45-ML-52142, V2BG18C, G60C-ML-136482, VR4C-ML-52958, GHXM60, GHM30, ECO2D-ML-114570, 148L, 48L, 260LCC, GH6, GH60/72, VR2C, Grill, ET88R, G60CC, ET1010, VCBB24B, VGMT36, 24L-ML-52947, 260L-ML-52954, 272LCC, 36L-ML-52948, 48S, VR3C-ML-52957, VG260, VR1C-ML-52955, GHCB40C-ML-52212, GH72-ML-52145, ML-136095 K40GLT, G48-ML-136491, GHXM72-ML-52222, GHM6, VG260-ML-114557, VC4GC-ML-136494, GHM30-ML-52151, GHM60T, GH60T-ML-52171, GHXM45-ML-52220, ML-136090 K20GL, GH56-ML-52143, VG36

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