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VULCAN KNOB VALVE RED, 00-402957-00002

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Height (Inches) 1.03
Width (Inches) 0.87
Length (Inches) 1.95
Weight (Lbs) 0.38
Haz Material No
Freight No
Returnable Yes

Fits Models

7066A1, GH3/72S, GH60/45, Warmer, VS36M, GH72, GHX60T-ML-52223, VRB36FM-ML-44960Z, GHM45/72, VG24, VG36-ML-114554, GH45-ML-52142, V1G24S-ML-44907Z, VG260, GH72-ML-52145, 48L-ML-52949, GHXM45-ML-52220, V424M-ML-44905Z, GHM72-ML-52155, VS18T-ML-044914, V436S-ML-44907Z, V218S-ML-44907Z, V636C-ML-44907Z, V1G24M-ML-44907Z, V3036-ML-44905Z, 24L, 60LCC, Range, Heavy Duty Range, VS12S, VS18T, VS24M, GH30C, MG12, GH72/45C, GHM60/45, GHM56-ML-52153, V212M-ML-49905Z, GH3/72-ML-126406, EG60L, GHCB44-ML-52213, GHM45, 172LC, GH60/45C, V1G12M-ML-44905Z, V2H36C-ML-44907Z, VIR36M-ML-44961Z, 260L, 36LC, 481LC, GH30, GH6C, VS18F, VS18S, VS24S, GHCB44, VO236-ML-044970, EG36L, GHCB40-ML-52211, VS24T-ML-044916, 481L-ML-52950, GHM60, GH60T-ML-52171, VS12T-ML-044912, VG260-ML-114557, GHM60T-ML-52172, GHM60T, GH45/72-ML-52180, GH60T72, 148L, 60L, GH3/72, GH6S, VS12F, VS18M, GH56, GH60, GHM3/72, VRB36-ML-44953Z, V1G12S-ML-44907Z, VG60, GHM72/45, 260LCC-ML-52954, GHX60, GHM30, GHX72, V636M-ML-49907Z, VS36F-ML-044919, VIR36C-ML-44948Z, GHXM72-ML-52222, GHXM60-ML-52221, 60L-ML-52952, 272LCC, GHM45-ML-52152, GHM60-ML-52154, VG24-ML-114553, VG60-ML-114555, VRB36M-ML-44959Z, VS18M-ML-044925, VS36M-ML-044927, GHXM60T-ML-52224, 60LC-ML-52952, VIR36-ML-44947Z, VG36, V2H36M-ML-44905Z, V218M-ML-44907Z, 160L, 7016A1, GH6, 160LC, Grill, VS24F, VS36S, 7999A1, GH45/72, GHM3/72-ML-126408, VIR36FM-ML-44962Z, VS24M-ML-044926, 160L-ML-52953, VRB36FC-ML-44957Z, V2H36-ML-44905Z, 260LC-ML-52954, 36LC-ML-52948, V636S-ML-44907Z, VIR36S-ML-44949Z, 272L, 60LCC-ML-52952, GHX72-ML-52219, EG48L, GH60T/45C, GH60TC, 72LC, V424S-ML-44907Z, 481LC-ML-52950, V212S-ML-44907Z, V218M-ML-44905Z, V436M-ML-44905Z, GHM30-ML-52151, GHM60T/72, GHX45, GH45/72C, GH56-ML-52143, 260LCC, 260LC, 60LC, 7099A1, GH3/72C, GH60/72, GH6T45C, GHM6, HCB44, VS12T, VS24T, VS36T, VS36F, 7019A1, VG160, VS18F-ML-044915, VIR36FS-ML-044952, VRB36S-ML-44955Z, 260L-ML-52954, GH60T/45, GHM30C, VRB36C-ML-44954Z, GHXM45, GHX60T, V3036C-ML-44907Z, V2H36-ML-44907Z, EG160L, GH60T72C, GH60-ML-52144, 36L-ML-52948, V218S-ML-44905Z, EG24L, VS24F-ML-044917, EG260L, GHM56, GH30-ML-52141, VIR36FS-ML-44952Z, GH72/45, VS12M, 148LC, GH60T, GH45, HCB040, VO236, GHM72, VIR36FC-ML-44951Z, GH72C, V636-ML-44905Z, 72LCC, GHXM60T, V212M-ML-49907Z, V212S-ML-44905Z, GH6-ML-126402, V636M-ML-49905Z, GHX60-ML-52218, VG48, VS36T-ML-044918, 24L-ML-52947, V3036S-ML-44907Z, GHXM72, 272LC, 481L, 36L, 48L, 7018A1, 7888A1, 7088A1, GH56S, GH60T/72, GH6045C, GHM60T/45, GH45C, VS12F-ML-044913, GHM60/72, GHXM60, GHCB40C-ML-52212, 72L, GHX45-ML-52217, 172L, GH30C-ML-53146

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