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Height (Inches) 2.141
Width (Inches) 3.904
Length (Inches) 5.289
Weight (Lbs) 1.08
Haz Material No
Freight No
Returnable Yes

Fits Models

VG160, 1GR45A-ML-136647, VG60, 2GR85DF, 1G8BD-ML-136649, 3GR65CF, 36LC-ML-52948, 3GR45DF, 4G8BDF-ML-136681, 1GR65M-ML-136409, 72LCC, 1GR35M-ML-136407, 48L-ML-52949, 3GR85MF, 4GR65CF, VG30, 3GR45AF, 3G8BDF-ML-136655, 1GR65A-ML-136648, 2G4BDF, 4GR85CF, 2XG65CF, VG30-ML-126847, 1G6BD-ML-136648, 1GR85M, 60LC, 148LC, VE30-ML-126849, 1GR85A-ML-136649, 60LCC-ML-52952, 1GR45C-ML-136414, 72LC, 3GR45CF, 2GR45AF, 2GR45DF-ML-136424, 2GR65MF, 2GR85DF-ML-136426, 160L-ML-52953, 3G6BDF-ML-136654, 2XG45CF-ML-136563, 3GR85DF, 260LC, 60LCC, 3GR65CF-ML-136435, 1GR85CF, 172LC, 481L-ML-52950, 4GR45MF-ML-136423, 2XG65DF-ML-136638, 3GR45CF-ML-136434, 2GR65DF, 3GR85MF-ML-136422, VG24-ML-114553, VG48, 1GR65C, 1GR45D-ML-136411, 2GR45MF, 4GR65DF, 2GR65DF-ML-136425, 4GR45MF, 1GR45M-ML-136408, 2GR85MF-ML-136419, VG24, 260LCC-ML-52954, VG40-ML-126848, 160LC, 481LC, 60L, 272L, 4GR85DF, 1GR85M-ML-136410, 3GR65DF-ML-136428, 4GR45AF-ML-136656, 1G4BD-ML-136647, 2GR65AF-ML-136651, 2XG8BDF-ML-136660, 3GR65MF-ML-136421, 4GR85CF-ML-136666, 2XG85CF, 3GR85DF-ML-136429, 4GR65AF, 3G4BDF-ML-136653, 4GR85DF-ML-136665, 481L, 2GR45CF, 1GR65C-ML-136415, 2XG45CF, 4GR65AF-ML-136657, 2XG45DF, 60L-ML-52952, 2XG85DF-ML-136565, VG60-ML-114555, 2G8BDF-ML-136652, 272LC, 4GR45CF-ML-136437, 4GR45DF, VE40-ML-126850, 4G4BDF-ML-136656, 2GR45AF-ML-136650, 2GR45MF-ML-136417, 2GR45CF-ML-136431, VG36-ML-114554, 1GR45M, 4G6BDF, 2GR65CF-ML-136432, 1GR85D-ML-136413, 3GR65DF, 1GR65M, 72L, 2GR85CF-ML-136433, 2GR65MF-ML-136418, 172L, 2GR85AF-ML-136652, 481LC-ML-52950, 3GR45AF-ML-136653, 3GR65AF-ML-136654, 4GR85AF-ML-136681, 4GR45CF, 4GR65DF-ML-136662, 1GR65D-ML-136412, 2G4BDF-ML-136650, 2GR45DF, 4GR65CF-ML-136663, 2XG4BDF, 260LC-ML-52954, VG40, 160L, 24L, 260L, 36LC, 36L, 2GR85CF, 2XG65DF, 3GR65MF, 1GR35M, 1GR85D, 2XG85CF-ML-1365666, 1GR45C, 3GR45MF, 3GR85CF-ML-136436, 2GR85MF, 3GR85AF-ML-136655, 1GR85C, 2GR65CF, 4G6BDF-ML-136657, 1GR45D, 60LC-ML-52952, 2XG45DF-ML-136562, 1GR85DF, 3GR45DF-ML-136427, 260L-ML-52954, 2G6BDF-ML-136651, 2XG4BDF-ML-136658, 1GR65D, 260LCC, 48L, 148L, 1GR85C-ML-136416, VG260, 1GR45CF, 2XG85DF, 272LCC, 36L-ML-52948, 3GR45MF-ML-136420, 4GR45DF-ML-136430, 24L-ML-52947, VG260-ML-114557, 2XG65CF-ML-136639, 3GR85CF, VG36, 1GR45DF

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