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VULCAN CONTROL KNOB, 00-411242-00001

Buy OEM to optimize performance

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Height (Inches) 0.72
Width (Inches) 1.989
Length (Inches) 1.989
Weight (Lbs) 0.52
Haz Material No
Freight No
Returnable Yes

Fits Models

ECO4D, GT-88, VC4ES, VC6EC, 1VK45C, 2TR85CF, 1VK45D, 4TR45AF, 3ER50DF, 1ER85C, 2TR65CF, 2TR85AF, 4VK85DF, 1ER50C, 2TR85DF, 1VK45DF, ETH11R, 1TR65C, SG4, VC4GD, 2ER85AF, 1VK65C, ET1010, 2VK85AF, 3TR45CF, 4TR45DF, 1VK45CF, ETH101, 1VK85CF, 4VK65AF, 1TR45D, 2TR65DF, 1TR85AF, 1ER85CF, 1VK85AF, 1TR45AF, 2TR45CF, 3TR85DF, 3VK85AF, 3VK85CF, VC6GC, 3VK45AF, 2VK45CF, 2VK65AF, 1ER50CF, 4ER50CF, 1VK85D, 3TR85AF, ETH88, SG4C, SG6C, SG6D, VC4EC, VC4GS, 3TR45AF, 1ER85D, 2VK45DF, 4VK85CF, 3TR65DF, 1TR85C, 1VK65AF, 1VK65CF, 4TR45CF, 4TR85AF, 4TR85DF, 3TR85CF, 1TR45C, 1VK65A, 3ER50AF, 1VK85C, 2ER50AF, ET101R, ETH88R, ECO6D, GCO4S, SG4D, VC6GD, 1TR45A, 3VK45CF, 4VK65CF, 4VK85AF, 1TR85DF, 4TR65CF, 3TR45DF, 1ER85AF, 2ER85DF, 3VK65AF, 3VK45DF, 1ER50AF, SG6, 4ER50AF, ECO2D, GCO2D, VC44GD, VC6ED, VC6ES, 2ER85CF, 4TR85CF, 2ER50DF, 2TR65AF, 2VK65DF, 1VK85DF, 1VK85A, 1ER85A, 2TR45AF, 3TR65CF, 1TR65CF, 1TR65D, 1TR85A, 3VK65DF, 3TR65AF, 1TR65A, ECO4S, GCO4D, VC4GC, 1TR65DF, 4TR65AF, 4VK45AF, 2VK65CF, 1TR45CF, ET88, 1VK45AF, 4VK45CF, 4VK45DF, 4VK65DF, 4ER50DF, 1ER85DF, 1TR45DF, 1TR85CF, VC4ED, VC6GS, 2ER50CF, 1ER50A, 1TR85D, 1VK45A, 4TR65DF, 2TR45DF, 2VK45AF, 3VK65CF, 3VK85DF, ET88R, 1VK65D, 3ER50CF, 2VK85DF, 1TR65AF, 1VK65DF, 1ER50D, 1ER50DF, 2VK85CF