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Weight (Lbs) 1.2
Haz Material No
Freight No
Returnable Yes

Fits Models

GEM-23, GDM-26F, TA2R-2HG/2HS, STG2R-2S, STR1RPT-1S-1S, STG2R-2HG/2HS, STG1H-1S, STG1F-2HS, STA1F-1G, TA2RRT-2S-2S, TCM-84, STA2RPT-4HS-4HS, GDM-10PT-LE, GDM-23, GDM-23-FC, GDM-33CPT-48, GDM-35W-RF, STA1R-2HS, GDM-14RF, STG1RPT-2HS-1G, TWT-27LP, TA2RRT-2G-2S, GDM-37HL, GDM-10RF-LE, STA1R-1HG/1HS, TUC-27G-LP, GEM-23FC, GDM-49FC, GDM-23FC-RF, GDM-43, STA1FPT-1S-1S, GDM-61FC, CVM-43, GDM-15, TA2RRI-2S, STR1RPT-2HS-2HS, GDM-09, GDM-35F, T-49G-PT, STG1R-2HS, STR1R-1S, STA2F-2G, STA2F-2S, STA1R-2HG, STG1R-1S, GEM-69, TVM-400, GDM-49, GDM-49RL, GDM-69, GDM-23RF, GDM-33, GDM-35RF, GDM-10PT-F, STR1RPT-2HG-1G, T-23G-PT, TA1RPT-2HG-1S, STG2RPT-2S-2S, GDM-69HL, GDM-26HL, GDM-72 DOLLAR GENERAL, TA1RPT-2HS-1G, G4SM-23RL, GDM-69FC, G4SM-23-LD, STR2RPT-2G-2S, STR1R-1HG/1HS, GDM-35SL-RF, STR1RPT-2HG-2HG, GDM-23F, GEM-47, STR2R-2G, STM1F-2HS, TA1RPT-1HG/1HS-1S, STR1R-1G, STR2DT-2S, STG1F-1S, STG1R-2HG, GEM-49FC, STA2R-4HG, TA1RRT89-1S-1S, TA2RPT-4HS-2S, TUC-27F, GDM-12PT, GDM-33CPT-GASI, STA2RPT-2S-2S, STR1RPT-1G-1G, GDM-33CPT-54, GDM-12F, TA1RRI-1S, GDM-05, GDM-14, STR1DT-2HS, T-49G-RL, TA1RRI89-1S, GEM-37, GDM-52TM, GDM-11SD, GDM-41CPT, GEM-72FC, GEM-69FC, STA1RPT-1G-1G, GDM-12LE-RF, GDM-23PT, GDM-41SL, STG2DT-2S, STR1F-1G, STR2R-2HG/2HS, TA1RPT-1HG/1HS-1G, STR2RPT-4HG-4HG, STR2RPT-2G-2G, T-23, STR1RPT-2HS-1G, STA2RPT-4HG-4HG, QA-48-18MB, TA2R-2S, TWT-27D-2, TWT-27F-D2, GDM-10, GDM-19, GDM-33CPT, GDM-33SSL-54-24, STA1R-1G, STA1RPT-2HS-1S, STR2RPT-2S-2S, STR2F-2S, GDM-61, T-23G-RL, G4SM-23FC-LD, T-35, STG1F-1G, STM2R-2S, GDM-12FC, GDM-15-RT0, TA2R-2G, T-23-2, TA2R-4HG, TA3R-6HS, GDM-14SL, GDM-57, GDM-49W-RF, G4SM-23PT-LD, STA2RPT-2G-2G, TA3RPT-3S-3S, GEM-45, TA2RPT-4HS-2G, GDM-10F, STG1RPT-2HS-2HS, T-49, STR2R-4HS, STG2F-4HS, STM2F-2S, STG1RPT-1G-1S, STG2R-4HG, STR1RPT-1G-1S, STR1RPT-1HG/1HS-1S, STA2R-2S, STA1F-1S, STA2R-2G, TA2RRI89-2S, TCM-78AC-GF-SD, TWT-27G, GDM-41SL-54, GDM-33C, GDM-33CPT-44, GDM-33SL-60, GDM-35SL-60, GEM-19, STG2RPT-2S-2G, STA2R-2HG/2HS, GDM-23RL, STR2RPT-4HS-4HS, TCM-78AC-GF, GDM-23W-RF, GDM-33SL-60LE, GDIM-26NT-LD, STG1RPT-1G-1G, T-23RL, TA1R-2HG, GEM-47FC, TA1RRT-1G-1S, GDM-41CPT-48, STA1F-2HS, TA1RRT-1S-1S, STA1RPT-2HS-1G, TA2RPT-4HG-2S, GDM-49PT, TCM-78AC, TA2RPT-2S-2S, GDM-10-58, STA1RPT-1G-1S, GEM-26, GEM-49, TA1RPT-2HG-1G, TA1R-2HS, STR2R-2S, TA1RRI-1G, STR1F-2HS, STR1H-1S, STG2R-4HS, TA2R-4HS, STG2F-2S, T-28G-2, STA1RPT-2HS-2HS, STA2F-4HS, STA1RPT-1HG/1HS-1S, STA1RPT-2HG-1G, STA3R-3G, TA1R-1S, TA3R-3G, TWT-27F, G4SM-23-RGS-LD, GDM-19FC, GDM-23-2, GDM-35, GDM-12, GDM-52TM-RL, GDM-26W-RF, GEM-72, GDM-43F, TA1RPT-1S-1S, CVM-10, TUC-27F-LP, STG1RPT-1HG/1HS-1S, TA2RPT-2HG/2HS-2G, GDM-35SW-60, STR2R-4HG, T-49G, GDM-12LE, GDM-60, TA2RRI-2G, GDM-33CPT-52, GDM-33SSL-54-LD, GDM-26RF, GDM-45HL, CVM-26, GDM-72, GDM-72RL, GDM-72F, TA2RPT-2G-2G, TA2RPT-2S-2G, STM1F-1S, STR2RPT-4HG-2G, STR1RPT-2HS-1S, STG2RPT-4HS-4HS, T-23F, TG2RPT-2S-2G, GDM-47RL, GDM-45, GDM-10PT, GDM-26, GDM-41C-48, STA1R-1S, TVM-200, GDM-37, TA1RPT-1S-1G, TA1RPT-1G-1S, STG2RPT-2G-2G, STR1R-2HS, TUC-27-LP, TWT-27D-2-LP, TA1RPT-1G-1G, GDM-26W, TS-23PT, GDM-33SL, STG1FPT-1S-1S, STG1R-1G, STG1RPT-2HG-2HG, STR1FPT-1S-1S, T-49RL, STM1R-1S, STR1R-2HG, TA3R-3S, STA2R-4HS, GDM-47, GDM-47FC, GDM-49RF, G4SM-23RL-SI, GDM-10RF, GDM-12RF, GDM-41, GDM-69RL, GDM-41C, STA1RPT-1S-1S, GDM-41SL-60, TAC-14GS, STG1RPT-1S-1S, STR2F-4HS, GDM-23HL, T-19E, T-49MHC, STG2R-2G, GDM-49W, GEM-61FC, CVM-49, TA1R-1HG/1HS, STG2RPT-4HG-4HG, GDM-11, GDM-33SSL-54 COKE/MCDONALDS, STG1RPT-2HS-1S, TA2RRT89-2S-2S, STG1R-1HG/1HS

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