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T&S Brass
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Height (Inches) 2.0
Width (Inches) 3.0
Length (Inches) 8.0
Weight (Lbs) 0.1
Haz Material No
Freight No
Returnable Yes

Fits Models

B-0268, B-0133-ADF12-BC, B-0341, B-2866-04VRS, B-2866-05CR, MPY-8WLN-12-CR, MPZ-8DWN-08-CR, B-0232-CC, B-1112, B-0231-CR-EK, B-0306, B-2414-SC, MPZ-8WLN-08-CR, MPZ-8WWN-08, B-1126-XS, B-0247, B-1113-XS, B-1115-131X-WH4, B-0113-ADF12-B, B-0220-EE-061X, B-0231-CC-CR, B-0231-WH4, MPZ-8WLN-08, B-1136, B-2856, MCD-0231, MPY-8WCN-08-CR, MPZ-2DLV-06, B-2347-02, B-2347-03, B-1115, B-2347-166X, B-0133-A12-08, B-0212, B-0312, B-0226-WH4, B-0268-01, MPX-8WWV-08-CR, B-1127, B-1171, B-2990, MPY-2DLV-08, MPZ-8DCN-06, B-0235-CC, B-2866-07, B-0892-CR-HW, B-0133-12-CRVBE, B-1118, B-0113-A08-08, B-0228, B-2278-A12CRCEL, B-0237, B-0133-ADF10-B, B-0133-A14-B08, B-2347-07, B-0301-WH4, B-0321, B-0325, B-2869-04, B-2870, B-2868-04, MPZ-8WLN-06, B-1130, B-0232-WH4, B-0240, B-0250, B-0343, B-1108, B-0156-CR, B-0210-131X-CR4, B-0231-CR-SC, MCD-0156-CR, MCD-0231-CR, MPY-8WCN-08, MPZ-2DCN-08-CR, B-0892-133X, B-2854, B-2347-05, B-2855-060X-VR, B-2857, B-2855, B-2866-CR, B-2414-CR-SC, B-2338, B-2466, B-1120-QT, B-0133, B-0133-A08-08, B-0133-A12-B08, B-0202, B-0231-EE-CR, B-0230-TZ-CR-SC, B-0113-A12-08C, B-0123-A12-B08C, B-2866-05FC, B-2990-P, B-0268-04, B-0133-01-36H, B-2866-04LN, MPY-8WLN-12-4C, B-2990-BWH4CR, B-1100, B-1110-QT, B-1120, B-0113-A12B-TEE, B-2445, B-2463, B-2867-04VRS, MPZ-2DWN-06, B-1128-XS, B-1121-XS, B-1132, B-0133-ADF08-BC, B-0242, B-0251, B-1106, B-0220-061X, B-0221-CR, B-0267, B-0232-CC-CR, B-0270, B-0321-CC-CR, B-2393, B-1142-XS, MPZ-2DCV-06-CR, MPZ-2DLN-08-CR, B-2347-08, B-1105, B-1146, B-1128, B-2366, B-0123-A12-B08, B-1141-04, B-0133-A06-08, B-0155-064X, B-0207-CR, B-0210, B-0230-EE-061X, B-0231-02, MPY-8WLN-08-CR, PB-8DOSN06PZLXA, B-0225, B-2386, B-2865, B-2867-04, B-0220-061X-WH4, B-1140-WH4, B-0325-NPL, B-0133-A10-B08, MPW-2DCN-06, MPZ-2DLN-08, B-2866-LF16-WH4, B-2866-01, B-2851-133X-VR, B-2851-135X-VR, B-0236, B-0239, P3-8WESV-08M, B-1122-XS, B-0260, B-1102, B-1112-XS, B-1110-XS, B-1115-XS, B-0178, B-0158, B-0221-WH4, B-2280-060X-CR, B-2278-01-CR, MPY-2DLN-08, MPY-2DCN-08-CR, MPZ-2DCN-08, MPZ-2DWV-08-CR, B-0892-LF12-CR4, B-1111, B-2187, B-2347-04, B-2347-09, B-0133-A08-B08, B-0123-A06-08C, B-0123-A08-08C, B-0133-A12B-TEE, B-0133-A10-B08C, B-0133-A12-B08C, B-0226, B-0232, B-0231-BST, B-0231-EE, B-0220, B-0230, B-1123-WH4, B-2865-04, B-2990-WH4, B-2388-CR, P3-8WESV-08M-CR, B-2342, B-0231-CR-KIT, B-1125, B-1142, B-1145, B-0874-133X, B-2855-02, B-2859, B-0177, B-2853-RSW, B-0265, MPZ-4DLN-06, B-0301, B-2867-04FC, B-2873, B-1123-XS, B-1111-XS, B-0220-060X, MPZ-KIT-LN06-CR, B-1147-XS, B-1172-07-133X, B-2277-01-CR, MPX-2DCN-08-CR, B-2858, B-1125-LN, B-1141, B-2866-04-QT, B-2866-05FC-CR, B-0133-01-CR, B-0133-A12-08C, B-0133-ADF12, B-0133-ADF14-B, B-0221-CC-CR, B-0221-CC, B-0200, B-0230-14-CR-SC, B-0231-CR, B-0221, B-0123-12CRCVBC, B-0156-EZ, B-0222-WH4, B-1172, B-2866-05, B-2867, B-0123-ADF12-BJ, B-1110-XS-WH4, MPZ-2DLN-08-CRF, B-0133-A10-08, MPY-8WLN-12, B-2990-175F, B-0231-BB-CR, B-1121, B-1140, B-0206, B-0207, B-0222, B-0235, B-0245, B-0266-CR-SC, B-2347-01, B-2862-LF16-WH4, B-2347-06, B-0300-A16-WD, MPY-2DLV-08-CR, B-1116, B-1125-XS, B-0133-12-CR-B, B-0241, B-0246, B-0252, B-0892-QT-LF16, B-1107, B-0155-05-CR, B-0230-CC-CR, MPZ-8WCN-06, B-1146-XS, MCD-0133-01-CR-8C, MPW-2DWV-08-CR, MPY-2DCN-06, MPY-8WLN-06, MPZ-8DCN-08, B-2850-01, B-2855-060X, B-2855-01, B-1142-04, B-0113-A10-08, B-1146-01, B-2866-05-LF08, B-0113-A10-B08, B-2299, B-1122, B-1225, B-0133-A12-BC4, B-0155, B-0202-CR, B-0207-CR-LS, B-0221-EE, B-0260-CR-177F, B-0231, 067X, MPY-8WLN-06-CR, MPZ-8WLV-08-CR, B-2180, B-2851, B-2866, B-2866-04, B-0230-CR, P3-8DOSN06PZLXA, MPZ-2DLN-06-CR, B-0325-CR, B-0331, B-0133-ADF12-B, B-2866-05VRS, B-1113, B-2955, B-0227, MPR-8WLN-12, MPW-8WWN-08-CR, MPY-8DWN-08-CR, B-0325-CC-CR, B-2885, B-1120-XS, B-1135, B-1131-XS, B-0133-01-CR-8C, B-0133-A16-CR-B, B-0255, B-0257, B-0175-CR, B-0211, B-0325-WH4, MPQ-2DLV-08-CR, MPQ-8WLV-08-CR, MPY-2DCN-08, MPY-8WLN-08, B-1123, B-2866-08, B-2365, B-0133-A06-B08C, B-0133-ADF08-B, B-0156-CR-SC, B-0158-CR, B-0175, B-0205, B-0228-CR, B-0266, 069X, B-0113-12CRBJSW, MPR-2DLN-08-CRS, B-0525, P3-8DESN12PZJUE, MPR-8WLN-08-CRS, B-0325-CC-CR-W4, B-0133-01, MPZ-2DLN-06, MPZ-2DCN-06, B-2866-LF12-CR4, B-2863, B-0201, B-0113-12-CRVBC, B-0236-CR, B-2280, B-1131, B-0123-ADF12-B, B-0262, B-1101, B-1103, B-1110-131X-WH4, B-1117, B-0200-CR, B-2280-CR, B-2283-CR, MPZ-8WCN-08, MPZ-KIT-LN06, B-1141-XS, B-2414, B-2867-04L, MPY-2DLN-06, MPY-2DLV-06-CR, MPY-8DLN-08, MPY-8DLN-06, MPZ-8DLN-06, B-1110, B-2347-10, B-0123-A06-B08, B-0133-A08-B08C, B-0155-LN, B-0156, B-0157-CR, B-0231-CC, B-0230-LN, B-2347, B-2862

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