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T&S BRASS HANDLE, 002987-40

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T&S Brass
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Product details


Height (Inches) 1.23
Width (Inches) 0.95
Length (Inches) 5.86
Weight (Lbs) 0.73
Haz Material No
Freight No
Returnable Yes

Fits Models

B-2278, B-2349, B-1410, B-0113-BJ, B-0133-ADF08-B, B-0163, B-0171, B-0133-01, B-0133-CR-V-BCE, B-0111-BC, MPZ-2DLN-06, B-0152-CR-C-TEE, B-0305-102A-CR, B-0177, B-2278-CR-C-EL, B-0300-102A, B-0300-102A-CR, B-0133-SWV, B-0600, MPZ-2DCV-06-CR, MPZ-8WCN-08, B-2194, MPY-2DCN-08-CR, B-0048-H, MPZ-2DLN-06-CR, B-0072-H, B-0133-C-LB, B-0605-CR-EK, B-0950, B-0020-H, B-0133-A12B-TEE, B-2290, B-0113-CR-V-BC, B-0133-ADF-LN, B-0287-427-B, B-0123-ADF12-B, B-0131-ADF14-B, MPY-8WCN-08-CR, B-0113-SWV, B-0133-A16-CR-B, B-0133-B9, B-2277, MPZ-8WLN-08, TS-B-0133-CC, B-0015-H, B-0050-H, B-0056-H, B-0113-BJ-SWV-T, MPZ-2DLN-08-CRF, B-0044-H, B-0100-C-SWV, B-0133-01-CR, B-0133-B, B-0133-C, B-0173-B, B-0133-ADF10-B, B-0133-CR-BC, MPW-2DCN-06, B-2338, MPW-8WWN-08-CR, B-2455, MPZ-2DWN-06, MPZ-4DLN-06, MCD-0113, MPY-8WLN-08, MPZ-8DCN-08, MPZ-2DWV-08-CR, MCD-0133, MPW-2DWV-08-CR, MPY-2DCN-08, B-2278-02-CR, B-0036-H, B-0123-CR-J, B-0133-12A-CRBJ, B-0133-BJ-SWV-T, MPX-8WWV-08-CR, B-0133-BT, B-2180, B-2223, B-2277-CR, B-0121, B-0113-BC, B-0123, B-0133-CR-B, B-0153, B-0165-C35-68H, B-0605, B-0154-CR-C, B-2261-B, B-2285-B, B-0113-A12B-TEE, B-2250, B-2278-A12CRCEL, B-0113-CR-V-B, B-0133-BC, MPY-8WLN-12-4C, B-0133-ADF08-BC, MPY-2DLN-06, MPY-8WCN-08, B-0084-H, B-0169, B-0178, MPY-2DCN-06, B-0165-C35-GGB, B-0126-CR, B-0126-VB, B-0133-J, MPZ-8DCN-06, B-0060-H, B-0026-H, B-0131-BC-28H, B-0123-ADF12-BJ, B-2278-CR, B-0113-BY, B-0123-B, B-0068-H, B-0133-BJ, B-0133-CR-V-BE, B-0173-C, B-0113-B-SWV, B-2250-B, B-0113-CR, B-0133-B-SWV, MPZ-8WLN-08-CR, B-0096-H, B-0113-CR-BC, MPZ-2DCN-08-CR, MPX-2DCN-08-CR, MPY-2DLV-06-CR, B-0133-18DACRBJ, MPY-2DLV-08, B-0113-12CRBJSW, B-0133-LB, MPY-8WLN-08-CR, B-0610, B-0950-01, B-0111-B, B-0100-J-SWV, B-0133-A12-BC4, B-0133-01-36H, B-0133-ADF12, B-0113-12-CRVBC, MPZ-2DCN-06, MPZ-8DWN-08-CR, MPZ-8WLN-06, MPY-2DLV-08-CR, B-0133-B-145X, B-0133-CRB-145X, B-0173-V9, B-0131-ADF12-BC, B-0133-CCB-CR, MPY-8WLN-06, MPZ-2DLV-06, B-2187-01, B-2455-CR-C, MPY-8DLN-06, B-0113-J, B-0133-CR-BJ-SW, B-0133-CR-BJ-ST, B-0605-CR, B-0133, B-0133-ADF12-BC, B-0133-ADF12-B, B-0133-CCB, B-0133-B-TEE, B-0133-CR, B-0111, MPY-8WLN-12, B-0173, B-0176, B-0113-CR-BVB-A, B-2285, MPY-8DWN-08-CR, MPZ-8WWN-08, B-0133-12-CR-B, B-0200-44H-VB, B-1152-092A, B-2278-0440-CR, MPZ-2DLN-06-CRP, MPZ-KIT-LN06-CR, MPZ-2DCN-08, MPZ-8WCN-06, MPZ-8DLN-06, MCD-0123, MPZ-KIT-LN06, B-0024-H, B-0044-HF, B-0054-H, B-0144-H, B-0113-CR-BJ, B-0133-CR-BFK, B-0123-12CRCVBC, MPY-8WLN-06-CR, B-0113-V, B-0113, B-0133-12-CRVBE, B-0133-ADF14-B, B-0113-V-B, MPY-8WLN-12-CR, B-0133-V-B, B-0133-EE-B, B-0113-B, B-0113-CR-B, B-0287, MPZ-2DLN-08, B-0113-ADF12-B, MPY-8DLN-08, MPZ-2DLN-08-CR, B-0160, B-1413, B-2277-01-CR, B-2278-01-CR, MPY-2DLN-08, B-0133-CR-BC-SW, B-0032-H, B-0104-H, B-0133-12CRBCF1, B-0123-CR-BJ, MPZ-8WLV-08-CR

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