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T&S BRASS 1/2" X 1/2" VAC BRKR, B-0963

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T&S Brass
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Product details

T&S BRASS 1/2" X 1/2" VAC BRKR

Weight (Lbs) 2.4
Haz Material No
Freight No
Returnable Yes

Fits Models

B-1430, B-1432-7122-C01, B-1459, B-0665-BSTR, B-1439, B-1433-CR-SC, B-1437, B-7112-02, B-7242-C10, B-7142-10, B-7142-C08M, B-7142-02, B-7102-08H, B-7232-01, B-7112-05, B-7102-01M, B-7132-08H, B-1433-7132-01M, B-7243-C08H, B-1433-7102-01C, B-7133-05, B-7232-08M, B-7132-08M, B-7242-C02, B-7122-C05, B-7232-01M, B-1433-711202QD, B-7132-05, B-7212-08M, B-7112-10, B-7242-C05, B-7142-08M, B-7132-02, B-7232-05, B-7212-01M, B-7222-C05, B-1433, B-1453, B-1433-LR, B-1433-CR-SC-T, B-0665-BSTR-963, B-7102-08M, B-7142-05, B-7245-NH, B-7102-01, B-7142-C01, B-7122-C01M, B-7242-01, B-1431, B-1433-CR-QDS, B-1434-RG, B-1480, B-1432, B-1444-CV, B-1432-01, B-1433-713202QD, B-7122-C, B-7233-05, B-7242-08M, B-7132-01, B-7143-08H, B-7233-02, B-7212-01, B-7232, B-7132-01M, B-1457, B-1458, B-1436, B-1551, B-7243-08H, B-7112, B-7143-02, B-7212-08H, B-7142-C05, B-7242-C01, B-7222-C01, B-1436-MV-CR-QD, B-1457-7102-01C, B-7142-C01M, B-7222-C08M, B-7222-C08H, B-7222-C10, B-7242-C08M, B-7122-C08H, B-1433-02, B-1433-CR, B-7243-02, B-7243-C05, B-7243-C02, B-7242-C08H, B-7212, B-7222-C11, B-7242-08H, B-7102, B-7112-01M, B-7142-C10, B-7212-11, B-7142-C08H, B-7232-11, B-1433-04, B-0665-BSTP-963, B-1433-7212-01, B-1454, B-7243-05, B-7245-04, B-7245-07, B-7000-LR-99, B-7143-05, B-7112-08H, B-7122-C02, B-7232-10, B-7242-02, B-7132, B-7122-C01, B-7242-05, B-7112-01, B-7245-06, B-7242-C01M, B-7212-05, B-7122-C08M, B-1444, B-1433-05, B-1433-01, B-1462, B-2339-02, B-7272-01M, B-7133-02, B-7222-C, B-7233-08H, B-7232-02, B-7242-10, B-7142-01M, B-7142-01, B-7212-02, B-7222-C01M, B-7212-10, B-7112-08M, B-7132-10, B-7142-08H, B-7222-C02, B-7232-08H, B-7122-C10, B-7142-C02, B-7245-03

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