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Star Manufacturing
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Height (Inches) 0.25
Width (Inches) 1.0
Length (Inches) 5.5
Weight (Lbs) 0.25
Haz Material No
Freight No
Returnable Yes

Fits Models

6036CBB-LP, 615MD, 8136RCBA, 6136RCBD, CG28IGT, 6124RCBB, 604HD-LP, 6148RCBC, GR10T4K-UK, 8060CBA, 624MF-DIV, 802HA, 6036CBA, 6036CB, 6024CBB-LP, CG28SPTI, GX14ISG, CG14, GR14SPTA-CE, GR14SPTA120C, GX20IS, 6124-S, 6015CBF, 6048CBD, 6024CBZ, 6148RCBZ, 602HWF, GR14E, CG14DTB, 808HA-SU, 8048CB, 624MD, 6124RCBB-LP, GR14-2T, CG14T-120V, GR14T-240V, CG14SPTE120C, GR14STKE-120, 804HA-SU, CG28I-240V, GR28, GR14-120VC, CG28ITGT-240VC, CG10IT-240V, GR10IT4-120V, CG14IT-120VC, GR28IT-240VC, CG14GTB-120V, CG14SPT-240V, GR10IT-120V, 802HA-SU, GR14SPTK-CE, 824M, CG14-2T, 6124RCBZ-LP, 806H-LP, 8060CB, 6015CBB-LP, CG14ITLB, 802H, 604HD-SU, 6015CBD, 602HF-LP, 6048CBB-LP, 6048CBC, CG14IE, GR14SPTK, GR14STE-120V, GR10IT-240, CG28I-240VC, GX10ISG, 8024CB, 6024CBD, 6115RCBZ-LP, 648MB, CG14E, 606HF-SU, 636MA, CG28IEA, 802H-LP, 6136RCBF, 6024-S, 8124RCBA, GR14STE, CG14STKE-120, GR28ITGS-240V, GR10-120V, GR14STE-230, GR10T-120VC, GR14ITB-120V, CG10IT-120VC, GR10-240V, 6148RCBZ-LP, GR14ITTC-240, 8172RCB, CG142TB, 602H, 808H-LP, 6148-S, 624MB, 6015CBC, 6115RCBB, GR10, 8160RCBA, 6148RCBD, 804H-LP, CG14ITSC, GR10I, GR28I, GX14IS, CG14IGTB, GR14SPTKG-CE, 602HD-SU, 804H, 601SPRF-LP, CG10T, 8036CBA, CG14GTB, 8048CBA, 602HF, GR14SN, 6115RCBC, CG14-2T-120V, CG14SPTIG240, GR10IT-230V, CG14T-120VC, GR14STE-120, 9D-GR14SPT, CG14-120VC, GR14-120V, GR28ITGS-240VC, GR14SPTI-240, CG10IT-230V, GR14-230V, GR14SPTIP240, 636MB, CG14I, 6024CBF, 860M, 8124RCB, GR14SPTIP, GR14B, 606HD-SU, 6024CB, GX10IS, 6048-S, 604HD, 602HD-LP, 6136RCBB, 615MA, CG14TB, GR10T4K-CE, GR10I-120V, 6136RCBZ, 6036CBSB, 615MF, 6015CBSB, 848M, GR14I, CG28ITGT, 6115RCB, 602HD, 636MD, 806HA-SU, 6036-S, 6024CBC, 602HWD, GR14 T, 615M, CG10IT-120V, CG10I-230V, CG14T-240V, CG14IT-240V, GR14-2T-120VC, 6115RCBF, 6048CBF, GR28I-240V, CG28IT-240V, CG14ITGT-240V, GR14SN-120V, CG14SPTID240, CG28IT-240VC, CG28IGT-240V, 6124RCBF, 6036CBD, GR14SPTKG240, 804HM, 6048CBZ, GR14SPTK-UK, GR14ITB, CG14T, GR10IT4, 6036CBC, 604HF, 6124RCBZ, 6148RCBB-LP, 648MD, 648MF, CG10IT2, GR10I-120VC, GR14SPTA-120, 601SPR, 6136RCB, 872M, 604HF-LP, 6024CBZ-LP, 6115RCBZ, 6015CBA, CG10IT4, 636MF, GR28ITGS, 6115RCBB-LP, 6015CB, 806HA, GR14IT, 8148RCB, GR14-2T-120C, CG14ITB, GR14SPTK-CN, CGI4SPTIS240, CG14SPTS-120C, 9D-GR14SPTK-CN, CG14SPT-120V, 808HA, CG14IT, CG14IGT, CG28IGT-240VC, GR14C-240V, CG10I-240V, GR14SN-120VC, CG14SPTK-120, GR14I-230V, CG14SPTI-240, CG14IB-120V, GR14I-240V, GR14SPTI-230, GR14SPTA, CG28I, 6148RCBF, 606HF, CG10I, CG28IT, 6015-S, 6115RCBD, GR14SPTI, GR14T-230V, GR14SPTA-240, GR10I-240V, GR14SPTC-240, 6115-S, 8160RCB, 601SPRD-LP, 601SPRF, 804HA, GX14IG, 601SPRD, 6148RCBB, GX20IGS, GX10IG, GR28IT, 6024CBSB, 8148RCBA, GR10T-240, CG10ITJD-240V, CG14I-240V, CG14SPT-230V, GR14TB, CG10IT, GR14SPTK-120, GR14SPTKM-UK, CG10I-120V, CG14-120V, GR14-240V, CG14-2T-120VC, GR10-120VC, CG14IT-120V, GR14SNB, 8172RCBA, GR10T, 808H, 6036CBZ, 636M, 602HDS, GR14SPTA-UK, 6136RCBB-LP, 624MA, CG10TJD, GR10IT, CG10, GR10I-230V, GR14IT-120V, GR14T-120V, GR10IT-120VC, GR28I-240VC, 9D-CG14SPTS, CG28, 806H, 6136RCBC, GR14 SPT, CG10ITSB, GR14IE, GR14SPTK-TAI, 8036CB, CG14ITGTB, GR14, 8136RCB, 606HD, GR14SPT-240V, 624M, 604HF-SU, 6136-S, 6036CBZ-LP, CG28IEGTA, GR14C, GR14SPTC-120, CG14-230V, CG14-240V, CG14I-230V, GR10T-120V, GR14SPT, 836M, GR14SPTK-240V, GR14IT-230V, GR14SPTK120C, CG14IGT-240V, GR28SPTI-240V, CG14SPTS-120V, GR10-230V, CG14SPTK120C, 6048CBZ-LP, 6048CBA, 6124RCB, 8072CB, CG14IEGT, CG10ITJD, 648M, 6124RCBD, GR14SPTC, 624MF, 6036CBF, 6015CBZ-LP, 606HD-LP, 8024CBA, CG14ITGT, GX20IG, GR28IT-240V, 802HM, 6136RCBZ-LP, 6024CBA, 8072CBA, GR28IEA, 602HWD-LP, 6015CBZ, 602HF-SU, GR14IB, 6124RCBC, 648MA, CG14B, 615MB, CG14T-230V, CG10I-120VC, CG14SPTE120V, CG14SPTE-CAR, 9D-GR10T4K-UK, CG14IT-230V, CG14IB, GR14IT-240V, CG14SPTI-ARB, CG14SPT-120C, GR14T-120VC, CG28SPTI-240V, GR10T-230V, CG28ITGT-240V, CG14SPTE

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