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STAR LEG, 2A-Z5942

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Star Manufacturing
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Height (Inches) 1.5
Width (Inches) 1.5
Length (Inches) 4.5
Weight (Lbs) 0.94
Haz Material No
Freight No
Returnable Yes

Fits Models

5124CD, AMGM48, CSD-2S, CSD-2-H, 515TGF-AP, 524TGDS, 602HD-LP, 536CHSF, 536TGDS, 6036-S, 615TD-LP, 648MD-LP, 648MDS, 548TGDS, 615MD-LP, 530F, 530TE, AMLB24, AMGM24, 536SB, 6136RCBDS, SPDE1HP, 524SBA, 606HD-LP, 6115-S, 604HF-LP, 636TCHSF, 636TF, 648TD-LP, 502CF, 515D, 530FD, 548TGD, 602HF, 6036CBF, 6048-S, 6124RCBF, 615TF, 624TD, 624TSPD, 636MD, 636TSPD, 636TSPF, 536TGF, 604HD, 604HF-SU, 615MD, 624MD, 624MDS, 648TSPD, TG2-240VC, TG1-120VC, 501FD, 5136CD, AMLB48, AMRB48, CSD-2CF, CSD-2N, 301HLDS, 524TGD, 530TEF, 536TGD, 624TSPF, 636TD-LP, 404D, 502FD, 5136CD-230V, 515TGD, 524TGD-AP, 536CHSD-230V, 6024-S, 602HDS, 602HWF, 6148RCBD, 615FD, 648MD, 606HD-SU, 648TF-TFR, TG2-240V, 6115RCBDS, AMGM15, FGDLTBA, 515E, CSD-2NHC, CSD-2RC, CSD-2RCCH, 648TD-TFR, 301HLF, 602HF-SU, 648TSPF, 501FF, 502D, 5136CF, 515ED, 515TGD-AP, 515TGF, 548TGF, 6024CBD, 602HF-LP, 6036CBD, 604HD-SU, 6136RCBF, 615MF, 624TD-LP, 624TF, FGTBA, 548CHSF, TG1, TG1-240V, AMRB36, 601SPRD, 601SPRF, 6036CBDS, CSD-2RCH, 524TGF-AP, 524TGF-PE50, 536TGF-DIV, 536TGF-PE, 604HF, 636MF, 636TD, 404F, 524CHSF, 530TD, 536CHSD, 602HD, 602HWD, 604HD-LP, 6136-S, 6148RCBF, 624TCHSD, 630FD, 636MDS, 636TCHSD, 606HF-SU, 6148-S, 624TCHSF, 648TCHSF, 6048CBDS, 524SB, AMHP2, 6124RCBDS, AMLB36, 601SPRD-LP, CSD-1ARB, 524TGF, 530TED, 6048CBD, 502FF, 5124CF, 515EDS, 524TGD-DIV, 530TF, 536SBA, 615FF, 624MD-LP, 624MF-DIV, TG2, 536TGD-DIV, 6024CBF, 6115RCBF, 630F, 530T, 6015CBDS, TG1-120V, AMHP4, 6024CBDS, FGILTBA, CSD-2RCC, HPD2, SPDE1ARB-230V, 636MD-LP, 502DS, 515EF, 602HWD-LP, 606HD, 6136RCBD, 6124-S, 624MD-DIV, 648MF, 648TD, 6115RCBD, AMHP6, AMRB24, 6148RCBDS, AMGM36, HPD1, SPDE1ARB, CSD-2A, 301HLD, 524TGF-DIV, 6015CBF, 648TD-TFL, 648TF-TFL, 515F, 524CHSD, 530FF, 602HD-SU, 6124RCBD, 606HF, 615TD, 624MF, 630FF, 536TGD-230V, 548CHSD, 6015CBD, 6048CBF, 6015-S, 648TCHSD, 648TF

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