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STAR BOOT SWITCH, 2I-05-07-0013

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Star Manufacturing
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Product details


Height (Inches) 0.25
Width (Inches) 0.75
Length (Inches) 1.0
Weight (Lbs) 0.6
Haz Material No
Freight No
Returnable Yes

Fits Models

30S, 30BD, 50, 50CHD, 50CBDE, 50SCHD, HWE36, GR14SPTA-CE, CG14, VBG30, CG28SPTI, GR14SPTA120C, 30CHD, 30, 75BD, 30CHDE, 50CHDE, SC24MIP, SC36MIP, SC60P, SC60HI, GR10ITB, GR14-2T, GR28IE, 179-A, SC24HL, 824TCHS, 824TS, CG14T-120V, GR14T-240V, CG14SPTE120C, GR14STKE-120, 50SCBDESW, SC36MR, HWC30S2C, CG28I-240V, GR28, CG28IGT, GR14-120VC, CG28ITGT-240VC, GR14E, CG10IT-240V, GR10IT4-120V, GR10T4K-UK, CG14GTB-120V, CG14SPT-240V, GR10IT-120V, CG14IT-120VC, GR28IT-240VC, 50SCHDEP, 30E, 30SCHD, 30SCHDM, 45SCHDE, 50C, 75A, GR14STE, GR14STE-120V, GR10IT-240, CG14IE, GR14SPTK, SC18, CG28I-240VC, FGTBA, GR14SPTK-CE, 54ICE, 45SCBD, 20SC, CG10IE, PGT14E, PST14E, 824M, 836TCHS, 872T, CG28I-230V, CG14STKE-120, GR28ITGS-240V, GR10-120V, 45CBD, 75CBD, GR14EA, SC30HP, SC36HP, SC48DHL, SC48DH, SC48HL, GR14STE-230, CG14-2T, CG28IEA, CG14E, GR10T-120VC, GR14ITB-120V, CG10IT-120VC, HWE30H2, GR10-240V, GR10IE, 20, 50S, 75SCFT, 30SCBDE, 30SC, CG5SSPT-120V, GR10I, GR10, GR14ITTC-240, SC48, CG14GTB, SC24H, 30HD, 54ISCE, 45SCFET, SC24DHL, SC36P, SC18H, SC18HP, GR10E, 180-A, 836TS, 836TSA, 848TSCHS, GR138AGT, CG14-2T-120V, CG14SPTIG240, GR14SPTKG-CE, 90ISCE, GR14IEPE, SC42HP, SC60HP, GR10IT-230V, GR14SN, GR28I, GR138A, PST14, CG14T-120VC, GR14STE-120, 9D-GR14SPT, CG14-120VC, GR14-120V, GR28ITGS-240VC, SC48H, CG10IT-230V, GR14-230V, GR14SPTIP240, GR14SPTI-240, GR135, HWE24H2C, GR10TIB, 30CBD, 75HD, 45CHD, 45HD, FGDLTBA, GR10T4K-CE, SC30, SC60, GR10I-120V, CG28ITGT, 50CBD, 45AE, 90ICE, 75SCHDEM, 75SCHDM, 45SA, GR14 T, SC24HP, CG10TIB, 824TSA, 848M, 848TCHS, 848TSA, 860M, 860TSCHS, CG10IT-120V, CG10I-230V, CG14T-240V, CG14I, CG14IT-240V, GR14-2T-120VC, 50SCHDM, SC30H, GR28I-240V, HWE24, CG138A, CG28IT-240V, GR14I, CG14ITGT-240V, GR14SN-120V, GR14SPTIP, CG14SPTID240, CG28IT-240VC, CG28IGT-240V, 75CBDE, 75CHDE, 50E, 45SC, 75SCBD, 30CBDE, 45SCHDEP, 75SCRHB7, GR10I-120VC, GR14SPTA-120, GR10IT4, CG14IT, GR28ITGS, HWE24H1, 45BD, 50SCBD, 30SCHDE, CG10ITB, CG28IE, SC24DH, SC24P, SC48MR, SC60MIP, CGI4SPTIS240, PST14D, 178-A, SC42H, SC72H, 848T, 860TSA, 872M, GR14SPTK-CN, HWC30H2C, SC24, CG14SPTS-120C, 9D-GR14SPTK-CN, CG14SPT-120V, CG14IGT, 75SCHD, GR10TB, GR138TB2, HWE30, GR14SPTK-UK, CG10IT4, GR14IT, CG28IGT-240VC, GR14C-240V, CG10I-240V, GR14SN-120VC, GR14ITB, CG14SPTK-120, GR14I-230V, SC72, CG14T, GR14SPTKG240, CG14IB-120V, GR14I-240V, GR14SPTI-230, CG14SPTI-240, 20C, 75SCFET, 75SCHDEP, 75SZRHB7, 50BD, 50HD, PST7E, EC14PB-240V, GR14T-230V, GR14SPTA-240, GR10I-240V, GR14SPTC-240, CG28I, 75SA, 30SCBD, SC36DHL, SC72HP, SC60MR, 824T, 824TSCHS, 836T, 848TS, 860TCHS, 872TS, GR14SPTI, GR10T-240, CG10ITJD-240V, GR14SPTA, CG14I-240V, GR28I-230V, CG14SPT-230V, HWC30H2, GR14SPTK-120, SC60H, CG10I, CG28IT, GR28IT, GR14SPTKM-UK, CG10IT, GR14-240V, CG10I-120V, CG14-120V, CG14-2T-120VC, GR10-120VC, HWC30S2, CG14IT-120V, 75AE, 45C, 50SC, 50SCHDE, PGT7E, GR10I-230V, GR14IT-120V, GR14T-120V, GR14SPT, GR10IT-120VC, GR28I-240VC, 9D-CG14SPTS, GR14SPTK-TAI, GR10T, CG28, GR10IT, GR14SPT-240V, GR138TB, 75SC, 54ISC, GR14 SPT, 90IC, 75CHD, 30C, CG28IEGTA, CG14STETH230, SC24MR, GR14C, SC36HI, SC48MIP, 836M, GR14SPTC-120, CG14-230V, CG14-240V, CG14I-230V, GR10T-120V, FGILTBA, GR14SPTK-240V, SC48HI, SC36DH, SC72MR, GR14IT-230V, PGT14, CG10, GR14SPTA-UK, GR14SPTK120C, SC42, CG14IGT-240V, GR28SPTI-240V, GR10-230V, CG14SPTS-120V, GR14IE, GR14, CG14SPTK120C, GR10E-UK, 50SCBDE-CSA, 75SCBDE, 45CHDEP, 75SCHDE, 45SCFT, GR28IT-240V, SC36H, HWE48, 54IC, 20S, 45SCHD, 50SCBDE, 75C, 90ISC, SC24HI, SC48P, 860T, 860TS, 872TCHS, 872TSA, 872TSCHS, CG14T-230V, HWC30H1, CG10I-120VC, CG14SPTE120V, CG14SPTE-CAR, 9D-GR10T4K-UK, CG14IT-230V, CG14IB, SC36HL, SC48HP, GR14IT-240V, GR28IEA, CG14SPTI-ARB, CG14ITGT, CG14SPT-120C, GR14T-120VC, CG28SPTI-240V, CG28ITGT-240V, GR10T-230V, GR14SPTC, CG14SPTE, SC36

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