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STAR 4 IN FOOT, 2A-Z0314

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Star Manufacturing
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Height (Inches) 0.25
Width (Inches) 1.25
Length (Inches) 4.5
Weight (Lbs) 0.9
Haz Material No
Freight No
Returnable Yes

Fits Models

CSD-2S, UM1833, GR28ITGS, CSD-2-H, CG28I-230V, UM1833-208V, CG14IGT, 515TGA, 6015CBA, 6024CBA, 6048CBB-LP, 6124RCBZ, 6124RCBB, 6124RCBB-LP, 8G-636TA-LP, GR28IT-240VC, UM1850A, SPDE1HP, GR14SPTI, 536TGA, 6024CBSB, 6024CBZ, 6036CBSB, 6036CBZ-LP, 6115RCBZ, 6148RCBB, 8G-624TA-LP, 8H-5124CZ, 8H-6015CBZ, 8H-6024CBZ, 8H-6048CBC, GR28I-240V, CG28IT, GR14T-230V, GR14SPTK, CG28ITGT, CSD-2N, CSD-2CF, 502Z, 524TGA, 6024CB, 6024CBB-LP, 6036CB, 6148RCBA, 8B-UM1833-240V, 8G-648TA-LP, 8H-5136CB, GR28IT, CG28I-240V, GR14-230V, CG28IGT-240V, UM1833A, CSD-2RCCH, UM1833-240V, CSD-2NHC, CSD-2RC, GR28IT-240V, CG28I, CG28SPTI, CG28IEGTA, UM1850-240V, GR28I-230V, 8B-UM1850, 502FZ, 548TGA, 6015CB, 6036CBB-LP, 6048CBA, 6136RCBB-LP, 6136RCBZ, 615MA, 630FA, 8G-615TZ, GR28SPTI-240V, GR28ITGS-240VC, GR14IT-230V, CG28IGT, GR14I-230V, GR14, CSD-2RCH, CG14T-230V, 6015CBSB, GR14SPTA, 524CHSA, 536CHSA, 6015CBZ, 6148RCBB-LP, 636MA, 648MA, 8G-624TB-LP, 8G-636MA-LP, 8G-636TZ-LP, 8G-648MA-LP, 8G-648TB-LP, 8H-6024CBC, GR28I, CG28IEA, CG28IT-240VC, CG28ITGT-240V, GR14SPTC, UM1850-208V, CSD-1ARB, GR28I-240VC, CG14, QT14, CG14I, 404A, 502FA, 6015CBB-LP, 6015CBZ-LP, 6036CBA, 6115RCBB-LP, 615FA, 624MA, 630F, 8G-624MA-LP, 8G-624MB, 8G-636TZ, 8H-5136CZ, 8H-6015CBC, 8H-6036CBZ, GR28, CG28IT-240V, CSD-2RCC, SPDE1ARB-230V, HPD2, QT14R, CG28, CG28I-240VC, CG14IT-230V, 6024CBZ-LP, 6036CBZ, 6048CBZ, 6048CBZ-LP, 6115RCBA, 6124RCBA, 6148RCBZ, 8B-UM1833-208V, 8G-624TZ-LP, 8G-636TB-LP, 8G-648TZ-LP, UM1850, GR14I, GR28IEA, CG28IGT-240VC, CG28ITGT-240VC, SPDE1ARB, HPD1, CSD-2A, CG14-230V, CG14I-230V, GR28ITGS-240V, 8B-UM1833, 548CHSA, 6115RCBB, 6136RCBA, 6136RCBB, 8G-615MB, 8G-624TZ, 8G-648MZ, 8H-5124CB, 8H-6036CBC, 8H-6048CBZ, CG28SPTI-240V

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