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Southbend Range
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This Part has been discontinued!




Product details


Weight (Lbs) 4.113
Haz Material No
Freight No
Returnable Yes

Fits Models

270A, 460AD-4GL, 4241E, 4361A-2C, S48AC-4G-T, HDG-36-M, S60DD-2G-T, 4481DC-3G-T, LGR48A-GGGG, S48EE-2G-T, S60AA-2RR, LGR24C-GG, S36C-1G, S60AD-2RR, S60CC, H4363D, 4607DC-2G-T, 4606AC-2C, 4481AC-2G-T, 4601AA-2G-T, H4361A, 171D, P48C-CCCC, 4601DD-6L, 4607AA-2G-T, 4602CC-2C, P32A-CC, S60DC-2G-T, H436D-3G-T, LGR36N-GRAD, HDG-60, P48N-CCCC, 1424DHT, CO-1364, MRA-60, 1365C, 1364D-1, 1367C-1, 1421C, 1424DHT-1, 142C-1, 161C-1, 124DHT-1, 4607DD-2G-T, 4601AD-3G-T, 4362A, 4362D-2C, 460AD, 4601CC-5L, 300B, 336D-3G, 360AA-3TL, 360AD-3TL, 360DD, 4607DC-2C, 460AA-4TR, H4366A, S48AC-2G-T, 460AD-4GR, 460AD-4TR, S48DC, S48DC-2G-T, S60DC-4G-T, LGR36N-GGG, H4361D-1G, S48EE-4G-T, S60AC-3G-T, 436A-2TL, 460AA-3GR, 436D-1GL, 460AA-3TR, 460AA-4GL, LGR36C-GGG, LGR36C-GRAD, 4241C, 4605AD-2C, 4601AA-2RR, 4601AA-5L, 4364A, 4481DC-2C, 4365A, 4365R, 4601AC-4G-T, 4366A, 4366C, 4481EE-2G-T, 4482DC-3C, 460AD-3TL, 4601CC-4G-T, 448AC-4G-T, 4601DC-2C, 448EE-2GL, 4601DC-7L, 4601DD-5L, 436A-3G, 448EE-3GL, 4601DD-7L, 4602AA-2C, 436A-3T, LGR48C-GGGG, P36A-GRAD, HDG-48, HDG-48-RE, P32N-CC, P24C-CC, LGR36A-GRAD, P32N-GRAD, LGR24C-CC, 1422C-1, MRA-32, 1424D, 1426C-1, MRA-36, 1366C-1, 1366C-0, 4361A, 460AA-2TR, S60DD-3G-T, 4601AD-2RR, EB/20CCH, 336A, 336A-2TL, 360AA, 360AD-2TL, 360AD, 360DD-3TL, 448EE-4T, 460AD-2RR, S36D-1G, LGR36D-CCC, 460DD, HDG-24-M, 4362C, 4481AC-3G-T, S48DC-4G-T, H4361A-1G, CO302M-94A, LGR48N-CCCC, 448EE-3TL, 436A, 436A-1GL, S24E, S36A, 448EE-HH, S60AC-2RR, S60CC-4G-T, 436D, S36C-2G-T, S36D, S60AD-3G-T, 460AD-3GR, 460AD-3TR, 448EE-4G-T, 4605CC-2C, 4606DC-2G-T, 4606DD-2C, P36N-CCC, 4601AD-6L, 4366R, 4601CC-2C, 4607AC-2C, 4607CC-2G-T, H4364D, LGR36D-GRAD, LGR48D-CCCC, P36D-CCC, 142C-0, MRA-32C, 1367C, 1361C-1, 1362C-1, 136C-1, 1426C, S60DC, 4601AC-6L, 4601AD-2C, 4601CC-2G-T, 4364C, 4601DD-2G-T, 4601DD-2RR, 4601DD-4G-T, 170A, 303B, 302F, 322B, 336A-3T, 336D-2TL, 336D-2TR, 360AD-2TR, 360DD-3GR, 448EE-4G, 460DD-2TR, 4606AD-2C, S36D-3G-T, S60AA, S60AC-2G-T, S48AC-3G-T, 4361C-1G, 4481EE, 4481EE-2C, S48EE, 4367D, 448EE-4G/T, S60CC-2G-T, 436A-2GL, 436A-2GR, 460AA-3GL, S36C, 460AD-2TR, LGR36C-CCC, H4361D-2G-T, 4361A-2G-T, 4606AC-2G-T, 4481AC, 4481AC-2C, 4601AC, 4363C, 4601AC-2C, 4601AC-2G-T, 4601CC-6L, 460DD-3GR, 448EE-2TL, 4607AA-2C, 4605AA-2C, 4607CC-2C, H4367A, HDG-60-M, HDG-72-M, LGR48D-GGGG, P36D-GRAD, LGR24N-CC, P48D-CCCC, LGR12C-G, P32A-GRAD, H4361D, 1421C-0, 136C, MRA-32W, P36N-BBB, 1366C, 1362C-0, 1424D-1, 1427C-0, 164DHT-0, 1364C-0, 1364DHT-0, 4607DD-2C, 460AA-2GL, 460AA-2GR, 4601AC-3G-T, 460AA-3TL, 4605AC-2C, 323B, 360AA-2GR, 360AA-3GR, 360AA-3TR, 360AD-3TR, 360DD-2GL, S24C, S36A-2G-T, S48AC, 4607AD-2G-T, S60CC-3G-T, 460DD-3TL, 460DD-3TR, LGR36N-CCC, 4481DC, CO301HT-94A, LGR48A-CCCC, 4481EE-3G-T, 448EE-2GR, 448EE-3TR, S60AC, 436C-3G-T, 460AA-4GR, S60AD-2G-T, LGR36A-GGG, 436D-2GL, 360DD-2RR, 460AA-4TL, 436D-2GR, 4605DD-2C, 4606AA-2G-T, 4361D, 460AA-2RR, 4606AD-2G-T, 4606CC-2C, 4363R, 4601AA-2C, 4601CC-3G-T, 4601DC-5L, P32D-CC, 360AA-2RR, 4602AC-2C, 436A-3G-T, 4602DC-2C, H4365D, LGR12N-G, P32D-GRAD, H4361A-2G-T, 1426C-0, P18N-F, 1361C-0, 1364DHT, 1427C-1, 136C-0, S60AD, 460AD-4TL, 460DD-4GL, 4601AC-7L, 460AD-2TL, 4601DC-6L, 4601DD-3G-T, 4602DD-2C, 323D, 320F, 321F, 301F, 320B, 336A-2GL, 336A-2GR, 336A-3G, 348EE-2GL, 348EE-2TL, 348EE-2TR, 360AA-2TL, 360AD-2GL, 360DD-2GR, 360DD-2TR, LGR36D-GGG, 4361C-2G-T, 436D-3T, HDG-36-RE, 4362C-2C, 4362R, S60DD, LGR48C-CCCC, S60AA-2G-T, 170D, S60AC-4G-T, S36C-3G-T, 360AD-2RR, 460AD-3GL, 4605DC-2C, 4601AA, 436D-2TR, P32-RAD, 4606DC-2C, 4601AD-2G-T, 460AD-2GL, H4362D, 4601AA-3G-T, 4365C, 4365D, 4601AD-7L, P16C-C, 4601CC-7L, 4601DC-2RR, 4601DC-4G-T, 4601DD-2C, 460DD-4GR, P36A-CCC, HDG-60-RE, P36C-CCC, HDG-72-RE, 1422C, 1425C, CO-1424, 124DHT-0, 1367C-0, 1421C-1, 1424C-0, P36N-GRAD, 4601AA-7L, GLT-60, 4601AD, 4361A-1G, 460DD-4TR, 4362A-2C, 4601DD, 303F, 320D, 304F, 323F, 336A-1GL, 336A-2TR, 336D, 336D-2GR, 348EE-2GR, 360DD-3TR, S36A-1G, 460DD-3GL, 4606CC-2G-T, 4606DD-2G-T, 324E, H436A-3G-T, 4361C, 436D-3G, S60DC-3G-T, 4363A, S48DC-3G-T, 4363D, 4481DC-2G-T, S60DD-2RR, 4367C, S48EE-3G-T, 448EE-2TR, 4366D, S60AA-3G-T, 4367R, 270D, 171A, S36A-3G-T, 436C-3C, 436D-2TL, H4363A, S60CC-2RR, 4361C-2C, P32C-CC, P32C-GRAD, 4361D-2C, 4361D-2G-T, 4361R, 460AA-2TL, 4367A, 4482AC-3C, 4601DC-3G-T, 4601DC, 436A-3C, 4607AD-2C, 448EE-3GR, P16N-C, H4366D, HDG-36, LGR36A-CCC, 1424DHT-0, 1427C, 1364DHT-1, 1361C, 1422C-0, 4601AA-6L, 4601AC-2RR, 4601AD-5L, 4601CC, 4364D, 460AD-2GR, 4602AD-2C, 303D, 304D, 322F, 336D-1GL, 360AA-3GL, 360AD-3GL, 360DD-2TL, 360DD-3GL, 436D-3C, HDG-24, S60DC-2RR, 436D-3G-T, 4362D, 460DD-4TL, CO300HT, 448DC-4G-T, 436A-2TR, S60AD-4G-T, S36D-2G-T, H4364A, 424E, 4606AA-2C, 460AA, 4361D-1G, 4364R, 4601AA-4G-T, 4601AD-4G-T, 4601AC-5L, 4482EE-3C, 4601DC-2G-T, 448EE, 4607AC-2G-T, H4362A, LGR48N-GGGG, H4365A, H4367D, HDG-48-M, HDG-72, P36C-GRAD, P48A-CCCC, LGR24N-GG, 142C, 164DHT-1, 171-40D, 1362C, 1364D, 460DD-2GR, 460DD-2TL, 4601CC-2RR, 460DD-2GL, 302D, 301D, 322D, 304B, 336D-2GL, 336D-3T, 348EE, 360AA-2GL, 360AA-2TR, 360AD-2GR, 360AD-3GR, 460DD-2RR

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