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Height (Inches) 1.0
Width (Inches) 3.0
Length (Inches) 5.0
Weight (Lbs) 0.45
Haz Material No
Freight No
Returnable Yes

Fits Models

CME506R, C0530MR-1A, CME686, F1222, MCM1462R, NME1850R, MCM1062R, CME1686, MCM1062, C0630, C0830, F1222L, FM2402, N0422A-1, C0630SA-32, C0830-6, C0830-3, C0630-32, C0630MA-32A, CMS1202R, AFE424, CME256, CME456, F0822L, FME2400, FME800, FME2404R, FM1202R, CME506 E-F, F1522, CMS1402R, C1030SR-3, CM855R, MDT5N40W-1J, EH222ML-1, NDE750, C0530MA-1, N0422W-1, F0522A-1, C1030-6, CB0330-1, C0530-6, CB0830-32, MCM1062W, CME810RLS-1A, F0522, MCM1462, FM1202, CME506 A-D, CU3030, CME810RL, EH222, N0422, F0822, FME1204, FM800, FME1200, C1448SR-3, MDT5N25A-1J, C0322MA-1, C0322MW-1, C0330MW-1, N0922A-32, C0322SW-1, N1322A-32, F0822W-1, CB0530-1, C0330-1, CMS1002W, CMS1202, C0722, CME1056R, C1448SR-32A, C0522, CME506E, F1522L, EH330, FME1200R, NME1854, NME1854R, N0622, N1322L, ND550, CU2026SW-1, CU3030MA-1, CU3030SA-1, C1030MA-32, C1030SA-32, N0622W-1, CB1030-32, C1030R, C0830-32, C0330-6, CME1386, CMS1402, CME1856W, C1848, CME306, CME656R, FM2402R, FM800R, FME2400R, EH430, MCM860W, N0922, NME954WS-32B, C0322, FME2404, C0530, ECLIPSE, NME650, C1030, FM1200R, MDT5N40A-6J, C0630MA-32, F1522A-32, C0330SA-1, F0822A-32, MDT6N, FM2400, N1322, MCM860R, CMS1002R, CO530MA, MDT5N40A-1J, N0622R-1A, N0922R, C0330MA-1, C0330SW-1, C0830MA-32, C0830SA-32, N Series, CU1526SW-1, AFE424W-1, AFE424A-1, C0630-6, C1030-3, C0530-1, CB0630-32, CP2086, C2148, FME1500, NME1850, CU2026, CME2086, CME456R, FM1200, MDT5N25W-6J, MDT5N25W-1J, C0322SA-1, C0530SA-1, CU1526MW-1, CU3030SW-1, F0822A-1, C0330-32, C0830R, C0630R, C0530-32, CME1056, C1448, C2648, C0330, FM2400R, CU1526, NME1254WS-32A, N0922L, CME810, N0622L, MDT5N40W-6J, EH222SL-1, MDT5N25A-6J, N0622A-1, F0522W-1, F1222A-32, C0530R, C1030-32

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