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Hatco Corp
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Height (Inches) 0.68
Width (Inches) 0.56
Length (Inches) 0.56
Weight (Lbs) 0.3
Haz Material No
Freight No
Returnable Yes

Fits Models

GR2SDH-24, GR2SDS-60, GRSB-18, GRPWS-2424T, HXMS-36, GR3SDS-33, GRSDH-24, HBG-4818, GRPWS-3618Q, HBGB-7218, GR3SDH-33D, GRPWS-3624Q, GRSB-36, GRSSB-6018, HXMH-60, MDW-1X, GR2SDS-24D, HXMS-60, GRBW-24, HXMH-30, GR2SDS-54D, GRSSR-18, MPWS-45, GR3SDS-33D, DCSB400-3624-2, GRSBF-72, HBG-3618, HBGB-6018, GE3SDS-27, GE3SDS-33, GR3SDH39D, GRPWS-3618D, GRPWS-3624D, GRPWS-4818D, GRS-66, GRSBF-66, GRPWS-2424Q, GRSSR-20, GRCMW-1, HXMH-48, GRSDH-30, GRSDS-52, GRSDH-41D, GR2SDS-36D, GRSDS-36D, GR2SDH-30, MVW-12-4, GR2SDS-54, HXMH-24, GRSBF-48-O, GR3SDS-27D, HXMH-36D, GRSBF-42, GRSBF-60F, HBGB-3018, HBGB-3618, MDW, HBGB-4818, GE3SDS-33D, GR2S-66, GRS-18, GRS-54, GRCSLH-24, GR2SDH-30D, GR2SDH-42D, GR2SDH-54, GRSS-6018, GRBW-60, GR2SDS-30, HXMS-54D, GRSDH-60D, HXMS-24D, GRSBF-72-O, GRSDS-60D, GRPWS-2424D, GR3SDS-27, GRSBF-48-S, HXMS-24, GRBW-42, HXMH-60D, GR2SDH-54D, GRSSR18-DL, HBG-6018, GRBW-36, GRSDH-30D, GR2SDS-24, GRSDH-52, HXMH-42D, GRSBF-30, GRSBF-48F, HBG-2418, GR2S-48, GR2S-72, GR3SDH-27D, GR3SDH-39, GRPWS-3618T, GRS-24, GRS-72, GRSB-66, GRSB-72, GRSB-60, GR2SDH-48, GR2SDH-60, GRPWS-3624, GRSS-3618, GRSSB-2418, GRSSR16-DL, GRSDS-52D, GR2SDS-60D, GRSDS-30, HXMH-42, GRPWS-4824D, GRSDH-52D, GRBW-72, GRSDS-41D, GR2SDS-42D, HXMH-36, HXMS-30D, GRSBF-36-O, GR2SDH-24D, GRSSR-16, GRSSB-3618, GRCMW-1D, HXMS-30, DCSB400-2420-1, GRSBF-60, GR2S-24, GR2S-54, GRSB-30, GRSB-48, GRSBF-18, GR2SDH-36, GRSS-7218, GRSSB-4818, GRSSB-7218, HXMH-54D, GRBW-66, GRBW-48, GR2SDS-42, GR2SDS-30D, GRSDS-36, GRSDS-24T, GRSSR20-DL, HXMH-30D, GRBW-54, GRSDS-30D, GRPWS-2418Q, GRSBF-36, HBGB-2418, GE3SDS-27D, GR2S-36, GR2S-42, GR2S-60, GRPWS-2418T, GRS-30, GRPWS-4824T, GR2SDH-36D, GRPWS-4824, GRSS-4818, DCS400-1CM, HXMH-54, GRSBF-60-S, GRCMW-1DH, HXMS-60D, GRSBF-72-S, HXMS-54, GR2SDH-42, HXMH-48D, GRSDH-60, HXMS-42D, GRSDH-41, HXMS-36D, GRSBF-24, HBG-3018, HBG-7218, GR2S-30, GR3SDH-27, GR3SDH-33, GRPWS-2418D, GRPWS-3624T, GRPWS-4818T, GRS-42, GRS-48, GRS-36, GRS-60, GRSB-24, GRSB-54, GRPWS-2424, GRSS-2418, GRSS-3018, GRSSB-3018, GR2SDH-60D, MPWS-36, GR3SDS-39D, HXMS-48, DCS400-1, HXMH-24D, GRSDS-24D, GR2SDS-36, GRPWS-4818Q, GR2SDS-48, HXMS-48D, GR2SDH-48D, GRSDS-24, DCSB400-R24-1, GR3SDS-39, GRSBF-48, GRSBF-54, GE3SDS-39D, GE3SDS-39, GRPWS-4824Q, GRSB-42, GRSDH-18, GRSDS-36T, GR2SDS-48D, MDW-2X, GRSDH-36, GRSDS-60, HXMS-42, GRSDH-36D, GRSBF-36-S, GRSDS-41, GRBW-30, GR3SDH-39D, GRSBF-60-O

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