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Height (Inches) 0.87
Width (Inches) 0.22
Length (Inches) 2.94
Weight (Lbs) 0.25
Haz Material No
Freight No
Returnable Yes

Fits Models

G48-4G24SS, 97-50, P288-48, P289-48, P289-72, P284-20, P282-RC, P280-36, G-2121, 680-2, 684, MS42-6RC, MS42-6RCE, S684RC, ST284, GFE60-6R24CS, G24-24GFSD, M47-45R, M47-51R, M48-68RC, M48R, U60, GFE60-6R24RS, M43RC, G24-60GFSD, S-10-2626, U48-8CS, U60-6R24CC, S-10-26CP26CP, G60-6R24CC, G36-6S, 40-7, 43-40, H280-36, H280-60, H281-12, H282-60, H288-36, H289-12, P282-36, P283-12, P283-72, P284-12, P287-60, G2771, GIR36C, G24-2G12L, H280-RC, H281-72, H287-12, 93-40, 96-50, P284-RC, P288-20, P283-60, P282-72, P282-12, RCE, GF24, GF48, IR48-280, IR72-280, MS42-6RE, MS42R, MS43RC, MS43RE, MS44RC, MS44RE, ST286, SU684, M43-1RC, G48PSD, M44R, M44RC, M42-6RC, M45RC, GF36-6R, M43-1R, M48-51R, M47-68R, G2071, M47-51RC, M47RC, M54R, GF60-10RR, G48PD, M43-2R, G24-60GTH, U36, X24-4L, SX-6-26, U60-6R24CS, SX-10-2626, G60-10RS, G36-6T, G48-8SS, G-2071, G48-4G24RS, H284-36, H284-26, 42-50, 44-50, G48-2G36SS, H288-20, P280-48, P284-72, P289-12, GF12, MIR34L, GF60, 92-50, H288-12, G24-G24L, H280-72, H283-24, P286-72, P281-RC, P280-26, P280-60, IR-280, 686, E686, G24, GPD48, MS54R, S284, S684, SS/SU684, SS686, ST288, U24, C836-36ARC, M48RC, M46R, G56-PT, G24-T, M43-3R, G24-36G, M48-68R, G24-15H, SX-24G-2, X24, S-6-24BG-26CP, G2171-771, G24-4L, G60-6R24CS, 42-40, ST284RCE, 40RC, 46-50, 48-40, 95-40, H281-48, H284-20, H288-24, H289-24, P280-24, P281-12, P283-24, P287-72, P288-12, P289-36, G2121, GIR48, Sunfire X, H280-26, G24-2G12T, H284-12, H288-72, H283-26, H289-60, H288-60, 50-7, P287-12, P289-20, P284-36, IR60-280, MS42-6R, MS43R, MS43RCE, S28, S288, S686RC, SS684, ST284-RCE, ST286-RCE, SU684RC2, SU686, M43R, GFE60-6R24RC, G24-72GTH, GFE60-6R24RR, M42-6R, G48P, GFE36-6R, M48-45RC, G24-72G, M48-45R, GFE24-4L, SX-10-26, U60-6R24CR, SX-1HT-4-26, SX-24G-2-26, SX-24G-6-2626, S-6-24BG-2626, S-6-24BG-26CP26CP, G60-10CR, G60-10CS, G36-6R, 47-50, P280-RC, P289-SRC, GIR60, G48-2G36RS, 40-6, 46-40, 50-6, 96-40, H280-12, H281-24, H281-RC, H287-48, G56PT, RC, G30A, H280-20, G48-4G24LL, G48-G48RS, P280-20, P282-24, G48, MS42RCE, MS44R, MS44RCE, MS54RE, SS686RC, ST28, C2836-75-1, M54RC, GFE48-LL, G60, G24-72GTHX, G24-36GTHX, M47-45RC, M48-51RC, GF60-6R24RS, M46RC, G24-24GTHX, G24-48G, U60-10CR, X24-4S, S-24BG-2626CP, G60-10RR, G48-8LL, G60-6R24CR, U36-6C, G48-8CS, P281-20, P288-26, P287-RC, 50-5, H289-RC, H284-RC, 47-40, G24-G24S, G48-48GSS, H282-72, H283-48, H283-60, H286-48, H286-RC, H288-48, P284-24, P289-24, MIR35L, G56PB, GFE24, H282-RC, H280-48, H288-26, H288-RC, H289-26, H287-24, 93-50, 95-50, 98-50, P284-26, P286-RC, P289-26, P288-72, P282-60, GPD60, MS42RC, MS54RCE, S286, SS684RC, SU684RC, E56PT, M60R, GFE60-10CC, G24-48GFSD, G48PSA, G24-48GTH, G36T, G36, M43-3RC, G24-24GTH, G24-24G, G24-48GTHX, GFE60-10RR, U60-10CC, SX-6, SX-4-20, SX-1HT-4, SX-4, G24-4T, G60-10SS, G60-10CC, G60-6R24SS, G36-6C, 45-50, P281-48, P287-20, P288-24, E58PB, H289-48, 2-40, 45-40, 48-50, 98-40, G48-G48LL, H283-12, H289-36, P288-RC, P289-60, GF36, G-2771, ST286RCE, H282-36, H283-20, H286-72, G48-6G12SS, H283-36, H282-48, H289-20, P283-48, P283-20, P281-24, P282-48, P283-26, P282-20, IR34-40, MIR-34L, MS42RE, C836-2-1, M45R, G48PA, GF24-4L, G48PS, G24-36GFSD, M43FTR, G24-72GFSD, G24-60G, M60RC, S-6-26, SX-6-24BG-26, SX-6-24BG-2626, G48-8RS, G24-4S, G60-6R24RS, H281-60, 2-50, 40-5, 43-50, G24-2G12S, G48-2G36LL, G48-6G12RS, G48-6G12LL, H280-24, H282-24, H282-12, H283-72, H284-72, H287-20, H287-36, H289-72, H289-SRC, P281-60, P283-36, P288-60, P289-RC, H287-72, G24-G24T, H282-20, H287-60, H287-RC, P287-24, P280-72, P281-72, E56PB, E684, IR36-280, MS54RC, S686, SS/SU686, SS684RC2, STW286A, SU686RC, U48, GF48-LL, GFE60-10RC, GFE36-6C, G24-60GTHX, M43-2RC, G56-PB, G24-36GTH, M47-68RC, M47R, GF60-6R24RR, G24-15HFSD, GFE60-6R24CC, U60-10CS, SX-24G-6-26, G60-6R24RR, P287-36, GFE48, H281-20, 44-40, 92-40, 97-40, H284-24, P280-12, P286-48, P287-48, P288-36, GIR36

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