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FRYMASTER VALVE, 1.25" W/O HND, 8101018

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Height (Inches) 3.34
Width (Inches) 1.99
Length (Inches) 3.34
Weight (Lbs) 2.27
Haz Material No
Freight No
Returnable Yes

Fits Models

FMH150, FPP145EBLC, FPP235EC, PH155CSD, MJ45-SD, MPH14, D50, FPPH455-SC, FPPH355-SC, MACH352, MPH152, MPH55, SCFD250G-RTI, FPP235, MACH414, MPH155, H55, FPP235EBLC, FMH355, FMP135, MJH250, FPP135EC, BIPH352/355, D20, D50GDD, H14SC, BIH252, MH52, RE14, H17SC, PRO SERIES, BIPH14, MPH352/355, MPH452/455, CFD50, CFD80, FPPH355BLCSD, BIH452, MH352, MH252, D60, FMP135E, FPPH55, MPH352, Fryer, 47 SERIES, SCFD80, BIELA214, PH55, FPPH17, FPP135EM, FPP145EM, FMP145EBLM, FPP135E, FPP245E, FPPH355, FPPH22, FPH150, MJ45, J65X, MJ35, MPH52/55, MACH452, BIELA414, MPH252/255, BIPH255, MJ1CF, FMP135EBLM, FMP135EBLC, FMP145EBL, FMP145EM, BIMH352, BIELA314, BIH552, FMH250, FMP145, FPP135EBLC, FMPH55, FMP245EBLM, FMH350, PMJ145, FPPH14, MJH150, FMP245ECS, JCFX, FPH17SC, MJCFE, BIPH52/55, H22, MACH52, H50, PH355, FMP245EBL, FPP235EBL, MRE-14, OCF30ATOE, D60GS, MACH214, FM47, FPP145E, FMP245E, PMJ145-2, Main Cook Line, D50G, MH452, RE22, BIELA14, CFD60, FMCFEC, BIMH355, MPH255, MPH452, BIMH52, MRE14, MPH355, MJ47, FMP145EC, FPP135EBL, MPH252, BIMH455, BIH152, FMP245, FPP245EBLC, H22SC, SCFD50, MJCF, MPH152/155, FMPH455, FPH350CSD, MH552, BIH52, BIPH, FMP135EM, FMP245EBLC, FPP245EBL, MACH314, MJH50, BIPH355, MJH350, FPP235E, FMP135EC, FPH350, FPP245EM, BIRE14, FMH50, MACH252, BIPH252/255, SCFD60, BIPH452/455, OCF30ATOG, FPH50, FMP145E, BIMH452, BIMH255, BIH352, MPH455, FPH450, MH152, FPH250, FPP145EBLM, FPP235EM, FMP245EM, FMP135EBL, FMP145EBLC, FPP245EBLM, FMP245EC, FPP145EC, WFP347ECSE, BIPH552, FPPH355CSD, J3F, RE17, KJ3FC, MJCFEC, FMCFE, D80, BIPH252, H14, H17, FH150, BIMH252, H52, FPD65, PMJ135, BIPH352, MPH52, FPP145EBL, FPP235EBLM

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