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Fagor Commercial
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Height (Inches) 1.18
Width (Inches) 1.49
Length (Inches) 1.9
Weight (Lbs) 0.54
Haz Material No
Freight No
Returnable Yes

Fits Models

FBB-24(S), FBB-69(SG), FBB-95(G), FBB-95(SG), FDD-59(S), FST-27, FWR-72, FBB-24(G) PRO, FBB-69 PRO, FDD-24 PRO, FDD-59 PRO, FDD-69, FDD-95, FPT-67, FUR-48, FWR-48, FBB-59(G), FBB-59(SG), FBB-69(SG) PRO, FBB-79, FBB-79(SG), FBB-95 PRO, FBB-24 PRO, FBB-95(SG) PRO, FDD-59(S) PRO, FDD-69 PRO, FDD-79 PRO, FUR-27, FBB-24(S) PRO, FBB-69(G), FBB-79 PRO, FBB-79(G) PRO, FBB-95, FBB-95(S), FBB-95(S) PRO, FBC-50, FDD-24, FDD-79(S) PRO, FMT-27, FMT-60, FWR-27, FBB-69(S) PRO, FBB-79(S), FBB-79(SG) PRO, FBB-24(SG), FBB-24(SG) PRO, FBC-68, FBB-59(SG) PRO, FDD-79, FDD-79(S), FDD-95(S), FDD-59, FBB-59(G) PRO, FBB-69, FBB-69(G) PRO, FDD-69(S) PRO, FMT-48, FDD-95(S) PRO, FST-72, FUR-60, FBB-59(S), FBB-79(G), FBB-95(G) PRO, FBC-95, FDD-24(S), FDD-24(S) PRO, FDD-69(S), FDD-95 PRO, FMT-72, FST-60, FST-48, FBB-59, FBB-59 PRO, FBB-59(S) PRO, FBB-69(S), FBB-79(S) PRO, FBB-24, FBB-24(G), FPT-46, FUR-72, FWR-60

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