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DELFIELD MOTOR,FAN,115V/60HZ,, 2162667

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Height (Inches) 3.877
Width (Inches) 3.446
Length (Inches) 3.5
Weight (Lbs) 3.4
Haz Material No
Freight No
Returnable Yes

Fits Models

D4472N-18, SSF2-SH25-209, 549-CRR, D4448N-8, 4427N, D4448N-9M, SAH3-SH, SMRPT1-S, SMF1N-S, SARPT1-G, SSRPT2-GH, UCD4427N-9M, UCD4472N-30M, 4427N-9M, 4432N, 4460N-18M, 4464N-12M, 4464N-16, 4472N-24M, D4448N-12, SMF3-SH, SMFPT2-SH, SADRL2-SH, SMDFL2-G, SSRRT3-S, SMH2N-SH, SMDRL2-S, SMHRI1-G, SSH2N-S, UC4472N-24M, SMRPT3-GH, ST4472N-18M, SAF2N-S, SARRI1-S, SARRI3-G, SMH1-S, SAH3-S, SAHPT2-S, ST4448N, SADFL2-G, SAFRI1-S, SAHPT1-SH, SMDFP2-S, SMHRI2-G, SMR1N-S, SMRPT2S-S, SSHRI2-G, SSHRI3-S, SSR1-GH, SADFL2-S, SSRRI3-S, SMH2-SH, SMFPT1-S, SMDRL2-SH, SSDTR1-GH, SMH3-GH, SAR3-S, SMR2S-SLS, SSFPT3-S, D4460N-8, SSR3-GH, SSR2-G, SSHPT2-SH, SAF1-GH, SMHPT2-SH, SSRPT1S-SH, SAR1S-S, D4464N-24M, 4462N-18M, SAR1-GH, SADFL2-SH, SARPT1-S, SMHPT2-S, UCD4464N-12, STD4460N-18M, SADBR1-SH, SSRFF1, STD4448N-8, 4448N-12, 4460N-8, SAR1-G, SMFPT1-SH, SARPT1-SH, SMFPT2-S, SAR2S-G, SSHRI1-G, SSR1N-S, SSR2N-GH, SMF1-S, D4460N-12, D4472N-18M, SAH3-GH, SSRRT1-S, SSR2-SH, SSR2N-S, UCD4448N-18M, ST4472N-24M, SARPT3-G, ST4464N-18M, ST4472N-12, SAR1S-SH, SMH1-GH, SAF1-G, SADRL2-G, SAF2S-S, SAH2-G, SAH2-GH, SAR2S-SLSH, SARRT3-S, SMH2-G, SMR2N-S, SSHRI2-S, SSR2-SLS, SSF2S-SH, SMRPT1-SH, SSRPT2S-SH, SAFPT2-SH, SSR2-SLG, SSDBR1-SH, SMF1-GH, UC4472N, SMRRI3-G, SSF3-S, SSF1N-S, SMR3-G, SSH3-SH, SSHPT1-SH, SSR2S-GH, SSDTR1-SH, D4460N, D4460N-12M, 537-CR, 4432N-12M, SSFRI3/SAFRI3/SMFRI3-S, SSRRT2-S, STD4464N, SARPT1-GH, STD4464N-12, UC4427N-6, 4427N-12M, SMRPT3-G, SSRPT3-G, UC4427N-12M, UC4427N-9M, UC4432N-12M, UC4448N-18M, UC4460N-18M, UC4460N-8, UC4472N-30M, 4448N, 4448N-18M, 4464N-24M, SADRL2-S, SAF3-S, UC4460N, D4448N-18M, SAHRT1-S, SADFL2-GH, SMR1S-GH, SMF2-SH, SAR2N-G, SAF2N-SH, SMHPT1-SH, SMRPT2S-SH, UC4460N-12, UC4464N-12, SMRPT1-G, ST4448N-8, SAR1N-GH, SAF1S-SH, SARPT2-SH, SAR3-G, SMDRP2-S, SAHRI1-S, SAF3-G, SAFPT2-S, UCD4472N, SAFPT3-SH, STD4460N, SMR2-SLSH, SSF3-SH, SMR2-S, SSDFL2-SH, SSH2N-SH, SAHRI2-G, SAR2S-SLG, SMFPT3-S, SSF1N-SH, SSF2-SH, SSFPT2-SH, SSR1N-G, SSR2S-SLGH, SSR2S-SLSH, SAFRI3-S, UCD4460N, SMFPT3-SH, SSDFL2-S, SMHRT2-S, SMR1-SH, SMDTR1-SH, SSR2-SLSH, STD4432N, SSRPT1-SH, SMR2N-SH, SSH2-SH, SAR2N-GH, SMR2S-S, SSR2-S, 549-CR, UC4148, SAR1S-GH, SSDRL2-S, SMH3-G, SAF1-S, UC4472N-18, STD4460N-12M, SARPT2-GH, STD4472N-12, SAF2S-SH, SSRPT3-GH, ST4464N-12, STD4460N-8, UCD4427N-6, UCD4460N-24M, 4460N-12, 4460N-12M, SAR1-SH, SAFPT1-S, SAR1-S, STD4448N, SMR1-S, SMF2-GH, SSF2N-S, SSR2S-SH, SMR2-SH, SMRRI1-S, SSFPT1-SH, SSRPT1S-S, UCD4460N-8, UC4448N-12, UCD4464N-8, SMRPT1-GH, ST4464N-12M, ST4464N-8, SAR2S-GH, SAR3-SH, SARPT3-S, SMDRL2-GH, SAHPT1-S, SMDBR1-SH, SARPT2S-SH, SMF1S-SH, SAHRT3-S, SARRT2-S, SMF1-G, SSDFL2-GH, SSDRL2-G, D4464N, SMH2N-S, SAR2-G, SMR2-SLS, SSR2S-SLS, SADRP2-SH, SSRPT2S-S, SSDRP2-S, SMRRI2-G, UC4448N, SSRPT2-SH, SSHRI3-G, SSRPT1-S, SSFRI1-S, SAFPT3-S, SSR2N-G, SSH2-GH, SSHPT1-S, SSH1-GH, 561-CRR, SSFPT3/SAFPT3/SMFPT3-SH, SSRRI3-G, SAHRI1-G, SARPT2-G, SARPT3-GH, SMRPT2-GH, STD4464N-12M, STD4472N-24M, UC4464N-24M, UCD4448N-8, UCD4472N-18M, 4460N-24M, 4464N-8, 4472N-30M, SMFRI2-S, SARPT2S-S, SSFRI3-S, D4472N-12, SSF1-GH, SSH3-GH, SAR2S-S, SSDRL2-SH, SARPT2-S, SSR1N-GH, UCD4464N-18M, SAFPT1-SH, SAR2S-SLS, SARPT3-SH, SARRI2-G, SAR2-GH, D4464N-18M, SMFRI3-S, SMF2N-S, SSDBR1-GH, SMF3-GH, SMHRI1-S, SMR1S-SH, SMR3-S, SSF1S-SH, SSF3-G, SSFPT2-S, ST4427N, STD4427N, SSF2S-S, SSHRT1-S, SMDFL2-GH, SSH1-S, SADFP2-S, SSR2-GH, ST4464N, SSFPT1-S, SSDRL2-GH, SARPT1S-S, SSRRI2-S, D4427N-9M, D4432N-12M, SSH1-SH, SMRRI2-S, SSRRI1-G, SMHRI2-S, SSR1S-S, 4472N, 537-CRR, 573-CRR, 573-CR, D4472-24M, SSFPT3/SAFPT3/SMFPT3-S, 549-OR, 561-CR, D4427N, SADTR1-GH, SSHPT2-S, SSR2S-G, SSFRI2-S, SMR1-G, SMR2S-G, SSRFF2, STD4472N-18M, UC4460N-24M, D4427N-12M, SMRPT2-G, STD4464N-18M, UCD4464N-16, UCD4472N-12, D4472N-30M, D4427N-6, SAR1S-G, SAR1N-SH, SAR2S-SLGH, SADFP2-SH, SMDFL2-SH, SMHPT1-S, SSF1-S, SAR3-GH, SSH2-S, SAH2-SH, SMH3-SH, SAH1-SH, SAR1N-G, SMF2N-SH, SMR2N-GH, STD4472N, SMHRT1-S, SARRI3-S, SMRRT3-S, SMRPT1S-SH, UCd4460N-12, UC4464N-12M, ST4460N-18M, SAR2-SLG, SAH1-G, SAHPT2-SH, SMDFP2-SH, SMFRI1-S, SMR2-G, SMR1N-SH, SMRPT3-S, SSR1S-G, SAF2-GH, SSR3-G, SMRPT1S-S, SSHRI1-S, SSR1-SH, UCD4427N, SSF2-S, ST4432N, UCD4448N, SMR2-SLGH, D4432N, SSRPT3-S, SMR2S-SLG, SMDRP2-SH, SAF1S-S, 4427N-6, D4448N, D4472N, D4472-30M, SMR2S-SLSH, SMR3-GH, SSRPT1-GH, STD4464N-8, UCD4460N-12M, UCD4464N-24M, 4448N-8, 4460N, 4464N-12, D4472N-24M, SMH1-G, SAFRI2-S, SMR2S-SLGH, SSRRI2-G, UCD4432N, SMDFL2-S, SMF1S-S, SMDBR1-GH, SMR1S-S, SAF1-SH, SMRRI3-S, SSRRI1-S, SMR2-SLG, UCD4432N-12M, UCD4448N-12, UC4464N-8, UCD4460N-18M, UC4460N-12M, UCD4427N-12M, UC4464N-16, ST4460N-8, SMF2-S, SAH3-G, SAHRT2-S, SAR2-S, SMF1-SH, SARPT1S-SH, SARRT1-S, SMF1N-SH, SAF3-GH, SADRL2-GH, SAF2-G, SAR2-SLGH, SSDFL2-G, SSR1S-SH, SMH1-SH, SADRP2-S, SAR2S-SH, SMR1S-G, SSH1-G, SSRPT2-S, UC4427N, SAR2N-SH, SAR2-SH, SMR1N-GH, SSF1-G, SSR1-S, ST4472N, SSFPT3-SH, SSR3-S, SAH1-GH, SAR2-SLS, SSR1-G, ST4460N, SSF2N-SH, SMRPT2-S, D4460N-18M, SMRRT1-S, SSR2N-SH, SAR1N-S, SADTR1-SH, SSDFP2-S, SSR2S-SLG, D4464N-16, D4464N-12M, SSF3-GH, D4464N-8, SSRPT3-SH, SMRRT2-S, SSR2-SLGH, SMH3-S, SMRRI1-G, MFPT2-S, Chefs Counter, SAF1N-S, SSDFP2-SH, SSF1S-S, SSHRT3-S, UC4464N-18M, UCD4472N-18, UCD4472N-24M, SSRPT2-G, SSRPT1-G, UC4448N-8, UC4472N-12, UC4472N-18M, UCD4464N-12M, 4464N, 4472N-12, 4472N-18, 4472N-18M, SAH2N-SH, SARRI1-G, SMF3-G, SMR2S-GH, SMDRL2-G, SMR3-SH, SAF1N-SH, SMH2-S, SAR2-SLSH, SMF2S-S, UC4432N, SSR1S-GH, SAR2N-S, SAHRI2-S, SMF2-G, SMH2-GH, SAH1-S, SMRPT2-SH, SSH3-S, SMDTR1-GH, SSR2S-S, SAH2-S, SMF2S-SH, SMR1N-G, SMR2N-G, SMRPT3-SH, SSH3-G, UC4464N, SAH2N-S, SMR2S-SH, SSH2-G, D4464N-12, SSHRT2-S, SMR2-GH, SARRI2-S, SSF2-G, SSF1-SH, UCD4464N, SMR1-GH, SSF2-GH, D4460N-24M, SSR1N-SH, SADBR1-GH, SSDRP2-SH

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