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Height (Inches) 6.16
Width (Inches) 1.61
Length (Inches) 6.16
Weight (Lbs) 1.56
Haz Material No
Freight No
Returnable Yes

Fits Models

F2956-E, F18FC70, F2660, F14GW460, F15PR48D, F2952C, F18SR44C, F18SR52D, F17FR66, F14EW460, F15MR48N, F17C110, F17FR76, 48376, F14EW348-E, F17OS36, F18FC88, F13WC56, DC-FT3, DC-L3, F17FC60, F13WR36, F15SC48N, F15MR72D, F15SR72D, F18RC91, F18RR70, F18RR60, F18RC99, F18FC78, F5PC48D, F5PC72D, DCRU-OT, DCRU-MC332, DCCS-SDRW, DCTM-66RI, ESOS36, NSCF-48, F14EI688, N-1530, DCBU-120R, F14GW688-E, ESRW36, ECPB72, SRRT2-S, SFPT1-S, SRRI2-S, F14GW572-E, F17C52-E, F18MC39A-E, F18SC60A-E, F2984VDR, F2987C-E, SFR3-S, SFR3S-S, SFRI2R-G, SFRT1R-S, SRR1S-G, SRRT2-GS, NDF-12, DCDM-36, DCBU-120, F2987C, DCRU-L2, F2748, F18VD50-CE, F15PC48N-E, F18RC91-E, F18SC60C-E, F2999C-E, F18WC60-E, SHPT3N-S, SHR2-G, DCTM-38RI, DCCS-SDW, EHEI60C, DC-T22, F17, MF-57, RFF, EODC27, EODC64, DCFSRKD-2, F15SR72N, F13WR24, F13WR48, F18SC39B, F18RC68, F18WR60, F18WR79, F15SR48D, 48362, F18DR44, F18MR44A, F2852, F14EW688, F17C78, F13BR48, F18SR44B, F18RR79, DC-H2, SCF-32, DC-IC2, DCH-TF-55R, F17R44, F18DC60, F18DC99, DCBC-96R, DCH-UCR-75R, F15PC48D, 18682-VD, F18DR52, F15PR72D, F18PD48, F18WC95, F18WR70, SCF-48, F14EW232-E, 18682VDL, DCBU-T66, FF-2, MF-44, EHEI36C, DCRU-T12, DCFSRIKS-2, DCRUI-TT32, EHEI36L, F170S48, DCHS-DI, DCRU-H3, DC-IC4, DCH-RB-45-38, DCH-SN-55R, DCRU-H440, DCBC-72R, ECFP, ECPB114, ESRW24, EORW36, EORW48, SRRI1-G, SRPT3-S, F15SC48N-E, F18RC99-E, F18SC52C-E, F5PC72N-E, SFRI3R-G, SHRT3-S, SRR2S-G, SRRT3-S, MFSC-2821, DCBU-T52, DCFSRKD-4, F18RC82-E, F14GW460-E, F15SC48D-E, F18WC95-E, F2987-E, F15SC72N-E, F18MC52E-E, F18SC52D-E, F17C110-E, SHRI1-G, SHRI1-S, SRPT3-G, SRR1-S, SFR3N-S, DCBU-52, DCCS-DDRWR, MF-2821, ECOS24, ECOS36, DCFSCR, ESOS74, DCFSROKS-3, F17DD46, DCBU-66, EODC32, F18MC52A-E, F5MC48D-E, F18RR44, F5MC72N, F18SR31A, F17R60, F18MR52E, DC-MC5, N6-1313-34, F13BR60, F14EW348, DCH-TF-55L, DC-H5, DCH-SC-55R, F15MC48N, F17C68, F18SC52B, F15SC72N, F18DC72, F18MC60D, F5MR48D, F18WC47, F18SC60B, F18SR44A, F5SC48D, DCRU-MC5, DCRU-O, DCRU-H225, DCBU-T94, EODC24, DCCS-DDW, DC-TT90, DCBU-80, ESOS32, N14-1313-36, DC-MC6, F13BC56, F14GW232, F18FR66, DCBU-72R, DCRU-MC440, ECPB60, F15MC72D-E, EORW14, EORW18, SRRI3-S, SFR2-S, SFRI3-S, SFR2S-S, 18682VDL-CE, ESRW72, F18DC99-E, F18MC52D-E, F18MC60D-E, F18SC60B-E, F18VD, F18WC78-E, F2975C-E, F2999-E, F5SC48D-E, SFR1-G, SFR3-G, SRRI2-G, DCRU-T90, DCRUI-TT25, F170S60, ESOS48, RFFSC, DC-L2, F14GW232-E, F18WC47-E, F5MC72N-E, F15PC72D-E, F5PC72D-E, F18WC39-E, F2952-E, SHPT2N-S, SRPT2-G, SFRI2-S, SFPT1-GS, SRPT2-S, DCRU-IC440, DCCS-SDR, DCRU-IC332, RFF-103, DCBU-T80, EHEI60L, EODC36S, DCRUO-TT32, DCFSRKD-5, F2962C, NDF-18, DCCS-DD, DCFSOS2-XX, F18RC60-E, F18DC68-E, F2984VDL-CE, F18SC52B-E, F18DR87, F18MR52D, F18WC68, F5MC48N, F15MC72D, F5PR48D, F13BR36, F15MR72N, F18MR44D, F5MC48D, F18MR31A, F14EW572, F18DR79, F18SC60A, F18WC39, F5SC48N, F18WR52, F18FR35, F13WR60, F18SR52C, F18SR52B, DCRU-MC4, F14EI572-E, DC-IC3, F2776, F2856, F5SC72N, F18MR52A, F18WR39, F17OS96, DC-FT5, DCH-BS-58L, F17OS48, F14GW572, F15PR72N, F18MC52D, F18RC82, F18SC60D, DCRU-MC225, F5, F170S84, FF, DCH-SCS-33L, DCRU-H4, DCRU-H5, DCRU-I, F17C52, F14EI348, F18SR52A, F15MC72N, N10-1313-34, SRR3-G, SRRT3-GS, SRRI1-S, ESRW48, F15MC48D-E, F15MC48N-E, F17C87-E, F18MC60A-E, F18RC68-E, F5MC72D-E, SD6R1-SH, 18650-VDL, SRR2S-S, SRRT1-S, DCFSOS-XX, DCCS-DDWL, DCRU-T32, DC-T45, DCRU-T25, F14EI460-E, DCRU-MC3, DC-H6, ESRW74, F17C68-E, SHPT3-S, DCFSCRD, DCFSRKD-3, DCRU-IC5, DCCS-DDWR, NLFAC-16, ESOS72, DCFSRIG-3, RFFSC-103, FFSC, F2975C, MF-31, EHEI48L, F170S96, DCHS-51, FFSC-3324, MFSC-57, F13BC44, F13WC44, F2875, F18FR50, F18FR58, F18RC52, F14GW688, F15PR48N, F15SC48D, F18RC72, F17OS60, DC-H3, Chefs Counter, DCH-SCS-33R, F17OS72, F14GW348, F17C87, DC-MC4, DC-H4, F17FC94, DC-FT2, DC-L4, F14EW232, F15PC48N, DCBC-120R, F18DC52, F14EI572, F18WC78, F2899, F5PR72D, F14EI348-E, DCBU-48R, NLFAC-12, DC-T90, DCFSRIG-2, DCFSRIG-5, ESIC36, F18, F17VD84, DCRU-H332, F2880, N-860, F18VD82, ECPB48, EORW24, EODC361, ECPB91, SHR2-S, SRR3S-S, SHRI2-S, 18650VDR-CE, ECPB99, ESRW27, F18MC60E-E, F18RC52-E, SFR2N-S, SFRT2R-S, SHR1-S, SHR3-G, SHRT1-GS, SRPT1-GS, SRPT3-GS, DCBU-94, DCBU-38, ESSW36, F14EW460-E, F14EI232-E, 18682VDR, F14GW348-E, ESRW60, ESRW64, F5SC72D-E, F18WC87-E, F18MC39D-E, F18DC91-E, F15MC72N-E, SFRI1R-G, SRPT1-G, DCRU-T22, DCRUI-TT40, F2999C, DCFSROKS-5, F18SC39A-E, F5MR72D, F17R52, F13BC72, F18WR31, F15MC48D, F17FC76, F28102, F2862, DCRU-MC2, F14EI460, DC-IC5, N6-1313-36, DC-MC2, DCH-BS-27L, DC-FT4, F18SC52C, F18MC52E, F18MC60E, F5SR72D, F18WC52, N10-1313-36, F18WC60, DCRU-L3, ESOS27, F17OS84, DCRU-IT, F18MC39A, F18SC52A, N-520, F14EI232, SFR1N-S, 18650VDL, F17VD84-CE, F18VD82-CE, F18WC52-E, F18WC68-E, F2952C-E, F2962C-E, F2984VDL, F5PC48N-E, F5SC72N-E, SFR1S-S, 18650VD, SHR1-G, SRR2N-S, SRRI3-G, DCCS-DDR, F2980C, DC-TT45, F2982VD, F15SC72D-E, F29110-E, F2962-E, F18DC82-E, F5SC48N-E, F15PC72N-E, F2980C-E, F2984VDR-CE, F2980-E, SHRI2-G, SHPT2-S, DCRU-IC3, DCCS-SDRWR, DCFSRIG-4, EODC60, F15, ECOS48, NLFAC-8, F13, DCFSRIKS-3, DCFSROKS-4, F170S36, F170S72, F2956C, F17DD81, F17DD96, MFSC-31, F18SC39A, F15SC72D, F18DR60, F5SR72N, F18WR44, F2982FDR, 48348, F18DC68, F18MC39D, F17R87, F5MR48N, F17R70, F18DC91, DC-L5, 18650-VD, DC-MC3, DCH-BS-27R, F13WC68, F15MR48D, F18RR87, F18RC60, F5SR48D, F5SC72D, F18SR, F5MC72D, F28110, F2694, 18682VDR-CE, MFSC-44, MF-2020, DCBU-T120, EHEI74L, DCDM-24, DC-FT6, F17R102, EOSM24, SRR2-S, SHRT3-GS, SFPT3-S, SD4R3-S, SRR2-G, F15PC48D-E, F17C60-E, F18DC52-E, SFPT2-S, SFR1-S, SHRI3-G, SHRT2-GS, SRR1-G, SRR3N-S, SRR3-S, SRRT1-GS, DCCS-DDRWL, DCRUO-TT25, F29110C, DCRU-L1, DCH-UCR-75L, DCH-EC-68R, F18MC60F-E, F17C78-E, F5PC48D-E, F18DC60-E, F2956C-E, F2975-E, F29110C-E, SRR1S-S, SHRT2-S, SFRI1-S, SRPT1-S, DCFSROKS-2, DCCS-SDWR, DCFSRIKS-5, DCCS-SDWL, ECSR24, F17DD54, DCRU-TT45, DCCS-SD, F18FR76, F18VD50, F17FR48, F18DC82, F18RR52, F13WC32, F17R79, F18WR87, F5SR48N, F2844, F2887, F17C95, N-1200, DC-IC6, 48334, F15PC72D, F18SC60C, F17FC84, DC-L6, DCH-RB-45-40, DCH-FS-48L, F17C60, F15SR48N, F15PC72N, F18MC52A, F18MC60A, F18MC60F, F18DR70, F18FC43, F18FC62, N14-1313-34, F18WC87, F18SC52D, DCBU-96R, DCRU-L4, F14EI688-E, 18650VDR, EHEI74C, DCCS-SDRWL, DCRU-IC4, EODC74, DCRU-IC2, DCBC-48R, F18PD72, F17FR58, DCRU-H2, F5MR72N, ESRW32, SFR2-G, SHRT1-S, 18650VDL-CE, F18FC43-E, F18SC39B-E, F18SC52A-E, F5MC48N-E, N, SD2R2-S, SHPT1-S, SHR3-S, DCCS-DDRW, F5PR48N, DCBU-T38, DCRU-T45, EODC72, ESOS64, ESOS24, EODC36, F17C95-E, F18SC60D-E, SFRT3R-S, SHRI3-S, SRPT2-GS, SRR1N-S, DCRU-T20, DCRU-T40, DCRUO-TT40, DCRU-TT90, EHEI48C, ESOS60, DCRU-T16, F5PR72N, DCTM-RI, DCRU-IC225, DCFSRIKS-4, FF-3324, MFSC-2020, EODC48, F17DD64, FFSC-2, F17DD32, F17DD73

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