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Height (Inches) 1.0
Width (Inches) 24.0
Length (Inches) 30.0
Weight (Lbs) 2.49
Haz Material No
Freight No
Returnable Yes

Fits Models

F15MR72D, F15SR72D, 18699-PTB, F5PC72D, F15PR48D, 18648B-BSTM, 18691-BSTM, F15MR48N, F15SC48N, F5PC48D, 18660BST-E, 18648PTB-E, 18648PTBM, 18672PTBM, 18699BUCM, CTP8160-NB-E, F15PC48N-E, F15PR72D, F15SR72N, F15PC48D, 18672-BSTM, 18672-PTL, 18672-PDL, F15SR48D, 186114BUC-E, F15SC48N-E, F5PC72N-E, 18691BSTM, 18699BSTM, 18699PTBM, F15SC48D-E, F15SC72N-E, F5MC48D-E, 18648-PTB, F15SC72N, F5MC72N, F15MC48N, CTP8146-NB, CTP8175-NB, F5SC48D, F5MR48D, 18699BST-E, 18691BST-E, 18660BUC-E, 18699PTL-E, F5SC48D-E, 186114BUCM, 18648BSTM, 18660BSTM, 18660BUCM, 18691BUCM, F15MC72D-E, F5MC72N-E, F15PC72D-E, F5PC72D-E, 186114-BUCM, DCH-BSN-32L, F15MC72D, F15MC72N, F15MR72N, F15PR72N, 18699BUC, F5SC72N, DCH-SCS-33L, 18660-BSTM, 18699-BUC, F5MC48D, F5PR48D, F5SC48N, F5MC48N, 18691PTB-E, 186114PTB-E, 18672PTL-E, F15MC48D-E, F15MC48N-E, F5MC72D-E, 18672PTL, 18699PTL, F5, Chefs Counter, DCH-FSN-33R, 18648PTB, 186114-BSTM, 18699PTB, F5PR72D, DCH-FSN-33L, F15SC48D, F15PR48N, DCH-SCS-33R, 18699-PTL, F15PC48N, 18648-PTL, 18648BUC-E, 18648BST-E, 186114BSTM, 18648BUCM, 18672BSTM, 18691PTBM, F5SC72D-E, F15MC72N-E, 186114-PTBM, F18RC48R, F5MR72D, F5SR72D, 18648-BUCM, 18648-PDL, F15MC48D, 18699BUC-E, F5PC48N-E, F5SC72N-E, 18648PDL, 18672PDL, F15SC72D-E, F15PC72N-E, F5SC48N-E, F15, 18691-PTB, BW18672PTBM, F15SC72D, F5MC72D, DCH-BSN-32R, F5SC72D, F5SR72N, 18SC39R, F15MR48D, F5MR48N, F5SR48D, 18648PTL-E, 18672BUC-E, 18691BUC-E, 18699PTB-E, F15PC48D-E, 186114PTBM, 18648PTL, 18660PTBM, CTP8146-NB-E, F5PC48D-E, F15PC72N, F15PC72D, F5MR72N, CTP8160-NB, 18699-BSTM, F15SR48N, F5PR48N, F5SR48N, F5PR72N, 186114BST-E, 18672BST-E, 18660PTB-E, 18672PTB-E, F5MC48N-E, 18672BUCM

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