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Height (Inches) 2.0
Width (Inches) 5.0
Length (Inches) 7.0
Weight (Lbs) 1.51
Haz Material No
Freight No
Returnable Yes

Fits Models

CAB4-500-ET, F18FC70, F18SR44C, F18SR52D, 18699-PTBM, F18FC78, F18FC88, F18RC99, F18RC91, 18699-PTB, F13WR36, F13WC56, 18672PTBM, 18648B-BSTM, 18691-BSTM, 18648PTBM, NDF-12, SCSC-36EF, N-1530, SHCR-60B, SPF-42W, SPF-66EW, SPRF-68W, NSCF-48, F2952C, SH4S, KH2CR-72B, KH4CR-96B, SCSC-60B, KCSC-60EF, KH2CR-96B, 18660BST-E, CAB3-725, WCT-1622, CAB3-1450-QT, KRB, WCT-1221, N8100-FA, LT-1216, CAB4-1200, CTP8160-NB-E, SCFT-50-NUCRT, SCI-36-NUCRT, SCU-50CRT, 18648PTB-E, CAB2-725-ET, F18MC39A-E, F18SC60A-E, SC-36-NUCRT, SCI-96-NUCRT, SH2C-74-NUCRT, SH3CR-96-BCRT, SHCR-96-BCRT, 18699BUCM, SH-3, SPRH-68E, N8700-R, LT2-1014, CAB3-1200-ET, SPRD60P-74DEW, F2987C, TT2-1826, F17FC60, F18RC91-E, F18SC60C-E, F18WC60-E, SCU-74-NUCRT, SCF-60CRT, SCI-96CRT, SCSC-36-BCRT, SH-4-NUCRT, SCI-74CRT, SH-5-NUCRT, SPM-50, SPM-60EW, SPM-74EW, KHC-50-NU, DIS-575, SPH-64, SH-6-NU, SH-4-NU, SPHM-64EW, DIS-1450-QT, KCSC-96-EF, SPM-50E, F17, FT2-SN-1216SS, F18RR70, SCFM-50, KHCR-74-B, SPR-40EW, CAB3-1200, TG2-1014, KCF-36, ND-59, N8800, SPM-60, MF-57, T2-1014, F18RR60, RFF, SPM-74, F17FR76, F2748, ND-67, SPHM-64W, SPRH-68EW, TT2-1622, F17C110, KCF-74, F2660, KH-2, F17FR66, TT2-1014, 18672-PTL, CP-2, DCH-RB-45-38, DCH-SN-55R, DCH-UCR-75R, F18DC60, F18SC39B, F18RC68, F18WC95, F2952, 537-CRR, DCH-TF-55R, F18DC99, F18SR44B, 18672-BSTM, 18672-PDL, F13BR48, F13WR48, F13WR24, SCF-32, SCSC-74EF, SCSC-96EF, KHCR-96B, SPF-42EW, SPF-66, SCSC-60EF, SHCR-50B, KCSC-60B, MFSC-2821, SCF-48, SH2CR-62B, SH2CR-96B, KCSC-96EF, CAB2-913, SPM-28, FF-2, SCF-50, TT-1622, SCFM-74, SH-3-NU, DIS-813-QT, SCSC-74-EF, MF-44, T-2020, SPHM-50W, F170S48, SCTS-36CRT, SHCR-60-BCRT, SH-2CRT, 186114BUC-E, CAB2-1013-ET, CAB2-813-ET, F18RC99-E, F18SC52C-E, SCFT-96-NUCRT, SCM-50CRT, SCU-74CRT, 18691BSTM, 18699BSTM, 18699PTBM, 8100-EF, F18PD48, PWT, KHCR-60-B, F18WR79, SPRD36P-50DW, LT2-1221, TG2-1221H, SPRD48P-60NE, F2852, F18RC82-E, F18WC95-E, F18MC52E-E, F18SC52D-E, SCSC-60-BCRT, SHCR-96-B, SH3C-96-NUCRT, KH4C-96-NU, MF-2821, CAB3-500-ET, F18RR79, SH-6, T-1826, ND-45, CT-1221, KCFM-50, KH-2-NU, DIS-500-ET, KCSC-50-EF, CAB3-913, KCFT-50-NU, F18DR44, N8018, F18WR70, SPR-40E, DIS-650, F17DD46, F18DR52, KH3C-96-NU, KCF-60, TG-2020H, F18WR60, SPR-64E, SH-2, F18MR44A, SCFT-50-NU, SCM-74, LT-1222, SPH-64E, N8081, F17R44, FT2-SN-1216, TT-1014, T-2020H, F17C78, F18MC52A-E, DCH-DC-27L, DCH-SC-55R, DCH-TF-55L, F18MC60D, F18SC60B, F18SR44A, F18WC47, 18691-PTBM, F13BC56, F18RC119-ES1L, F18SR31A, F18SC52B, 18648-PTB, F18DC72, CTP8146-NB, F13BR60, CTP8175-NB, KCSC-96B, N6-1313-34, SH2CR-72B, KCSC-36B, SPF-66E, SCSC-50EF, KH3CR-96B, N14-1313-36, NDF-18, DCH-FSN-27DRW, 18699BST-E, 18691BST-E, DIS-500, SPM-74E, WCT-2020, CAB3-575-ET, KHCR-50-B, CAB2-1013-QT, SCF-50CRT, 18660BUC-E, 18699PTL-E, CAB4-913-ET, F18DC99-E, F18MC52D-E, F18MC60D-E, F18SC60B-E, F18WC78-E, SC-28CRT, SC-74-NUCRT, SCF-36CRT, SCF-74CRT, 186114BUCM, 18648BSTM, 18660BSTM, 18660BUCM, SH-3-NUCRT, 18691BUCM, KCFT-96-NU, F170S60, SPRD36P-36N, KCFT-60-NU, F17C68, KH3C-74-NU, SPCS-30E, SPCS-30EW, SPRD60P-74NE, ND-48, SPRD72P-74N, ND-57, RFFSC, F18WC47-E, F18WC39-E, SCFT-74-NUCRT, SCI-50CRT, SCFM-50CRT, SH4C-96-NUCRT, SHCR-74-B, SH2CR-96-BCRT, N8000-R, CAB3-813-QT, SHC-74-NU, RFF-103, F18FR66, SPRH-68, N8200G, DIS-1200-ET, SPM-74W, SH-5, F18MR52E, CAB2-650, CAB2-1013, CAB3-1450, TT2-1216, F2962C, CT-1418, F18RR44, KCF-50, KH-3-NU, SH-4, TG-1422H, CAB2-575, DIS-725, SPRD48P-50DEW, SCM-60, F17R60, TT-1422, DIS-1200, T-1422H, SCSC-96B, N8069, CAB4-1200-ET, F18RC60-E, F18DC68-E, F18SC52B-E, 18699-BUC, CPB-2, DCH-BSN-32L, DCH-DC-27R, DCH-FSN-DRW, DCH-SCS-33L, F18WC39, DCH-BS-58L, F18MC52D, F18RC82, F18SC60A, F18SC60D, F18SR52A, F18SR52B, F18SR52C, 18699BUC, F18WC68, F13WR60, 186114-BUCM, F13BR36, 18660-BSTM, KCSC-74B, N10-1313-34, KCSC-50B, KCSC-50EF, N8157-FA, SH2S, MFSC-57, SPF-52E, 18691PTB-E, 186114PTB-E, 18672PTL-E, SPM-60E, SPR-50, F18MR52D, CAB3-1013-ET, CAB2-725, F5, F170S84, FF, SH3C-96-NU, SPRD36P-36DEW, TG2-1221, DIS-725-ET, CAB2-913-ET, SC-60-NUCRT, SCI-60-NUCRT, CAB4-1200-QT, CAB4-650-ET, CAB4-575-ET, CAB4-725-ET, F18MC60A-E, F18RC68-E, SC-28-NUCRT, SC-60CRT, SCU-36CRT, SCU-36-NUCRT, SCU-60CRT, SCU-50-NUCRT, SH3C-74-NUCRT, SH-6-NUCRT, 18672PTL, 18699PTL, SCSC-96-EF, TT-1826, CAB3-1013, TG-1826H, KCSC-36-EF, LT-1422, F2856, F2776, SPCS-30, DIS-913-ET, SPRD48P-50N, SCFM-74CRT, SCS-30CRT, SH3CR-96-B, SHC2-62-NU, SH2CR-62-BCRT, SH-3CRT, SPHM-50E, KH2CR-96-B, CAB3-1013-QT, SPH-40EW, SCFT-96-NU, SCSC-60-EF, CAB3-650, NLFAC-16, F17C52, SPM-28E, SPR-50W, RFFSC-103, SPRH-68W, F18MR31A, F18MR44D, F18DR87, F18FR35, F2975C, KCFT-74-NU, MF-31, SH2C-74-NU, SPRD36P-36NE, FFSC, F170S96, F18WR52, DIS-913-QT, SCF-60, SPRD36P-50N, CAB4-813, FFSC-3324, F18DR79, T-1418, F18MR52A, F18WR39, 18699-PTL, 18699PTB, Chefs Counter, DCH-FSN-33R, DCH-SCS-33R, F13BC44, F18RC52, F18WC78, 18648-PTL, 18660-PTBM, CM-2, CP-4, DCH-FSN-33L, F18DC52, F295, 18648-PTBM, 18648PTB, F13WC44, F18RC72, 186114-BSTM, SCSC-36B, SCSC-74B, N8144-FA, N-860, SPF-52, SPRF-68, SPRF-68E, KHCR-60B, KHCR-74B, SH3CR-96B, 18648BUC-E, NLFAC-12, SPH-64EW, TT2-1221, WCT-1826, F18, SPM-36, CAB2-575-ET, CAB4-1450-QT, CAB4-1450-ET, SC-50-NUCRT, SC-36CRT, SCSC-96-BCRT, 18648BST-E, CAB4-1013-QT, F18MC60E-E, F18RC52-E, SC-96-NUCRT, SCFT-60-NUCRT, SCI-74-NUCRT, SCS-50CRT, SCSC-74-EFCRT, SCSC-96-EFCRT, SCU-96-NUCRT, 186114BSTM, 18648BUCM, 18672BSTM, SHCR-60-B, 18691PTBM, KH2CR-72-B, CAB3-575, LT-1014, KH-4, SPRD36P-36DW, TG-1422, ND-47, F18FR50, SPM-60W, SPM-36W, T-1221, F18WC87-E, F18MC39D-E, F18DC91-E, SCTS-28CRT, SCM-36CRT, SC-74CRT, KH2C-74-NU, FT2-SN-1622SS, CAB4-913, FT2-SN-1622, SPR-64, CAB3-913-ET, KHC-60-NU, DIS-1013-QT, F2880, DIS-813-ET, F2999C, SH3C-74-NU, SPH-50W, F2875, KH-4-NU, KH-6, TT2-1418, F2899, CAB3-813, CAB3-813-ET, F18FR58, T-1216, T2-1216, SPR-64EW, SPH-50EW, F17FC94, T-1826H, TG-1826, KCM-36, F17C87, SPH-40, SPM-50W, CAB2-1200-QT, CAB2-1450-QT, CAB4-813-ET, F18SC39A-E, CPB-4, DCH-BS-27L, DCH-UCR-27R, F13BC72, F18MC52E, F18MC60E, F18RC48R, F18SC52A, F18SC52C, F18WC52, F18WC60, 18672-PTBM, F18MC39A, 18648-PDL, 186114-PTBM, 18648-BUCM, N10-1313-36, N6-1313-36, N-520, SH6S, SPF-52W, SHCR-74B, MFSC-31, N8182-FA, SH4CR-96B, KCSC-36EF, 18699BUC-E, TT2-2020, SH2C-62-NU, WCT-1418, CAB4-913-QT, CAB4-813-QT, SH4CR-96-B, SCSC-74-BCRT, SCU-60-NUCRT, CAB2-913-QT, CT-2020, F18WC52-E, F18WC68-E, SC-50CRT, SCFT-36-NUCRT, 18648PDL, SH2C-96-NUCRT, SH2CR-74-BCRT, SH-2-NUCRT, SH-4CRT, 18672PDL, SCFT-74-NU, KCFT-36-NU, F2980C, SH-5-NU, F17R52, SPH-50E, F18WR31, KCM-60, F18DC82-E, SCM-74CRT, SCS-36CRT, SH2CR-72-B, SHC-50-NUCRT, SH-6CRT, SHCR-50-B, SC-96CRT, CAB3-725-ET, SLT4-L, SCFT-60-NU, CAB3-1200-QT, CAB4-500, KH3CR-96-B, KCSC-74-EF, F15, N8056, TG-1418H, SPRD72P-74NE, DIS-813, N8700-D, KCM-74, NLFAC-8, F13, LT-2020, DIS-913, SPRD48P-60N, CT-1622, DIS-575-ET, F170S72, F17FC76, F2862, F2956C, SPR-50EW, T-1418H, F170S36, DIS-650-ET, F17DD81, N8100B, KH2C-96-NU, SPH-64W, CAB4-1013, SPRD60P-74N, F17DD96, SPRD36P-50DEW, T2-1221, T-1221H, CT-1826, TG-1221, TG-1221H, SPRD48P-50NE, CAB2-1450-ET, 537-CR, DCH-BS-27R, DCH-BSN-32R, DCH-EC-68R, F18DC68, F18DC91, F18MC39D, F18SC39A, 18SC39R, DCH-UCR-75L, F18RC60, F18RC119-ES1R, F29110, 18691-PTB, F13WC68, 18660PTBM, MFSC-44, SCSC-50B, N8131-FA, SH3S, SPF-42E, SPF-52EW, SPF-42, KCSC-74EF, SHCR-96B, F18RC93-BPL, 18648PTL-E, TT2-1422, SPHM-64, MF-2020, CAB2-1200, WCT-1216, F18RR87, CAB2-813, TG-1418, SPCS-30W, DIS-1200-QT, CT-1422, CAB3-500, CTP8146-NB-E, SCSC-50-EFCRT, 18672BUC-E, 18691BUC-E, 18699PTB-E, CAB2-500-ET, F18DC52-E, SCI-50-NUCRT, SCI-60CRT, SCSC-50-BCRT, 186114PTBM, 18648PTL, SH4CR-96-BCRT, SHCR-74-BCRT, KH-5-NU, SPM-28EW, SPR-64W, CAB2-500, SPM-36EW, N8000, F29110C, TT-1216, SLT4-R, F2694, F18WR44, F17R87, CAB3-1450-ET, KH-6-NU, N8200, F18MC60F-E, F18DC60-E, SHC-60-NUCRT, SH2CR-62-B, SH2CR-96-B, SCSC-36-EF, CAB3-913-QT, KHC-74-NU, CAB4-650, SPH-40W, SHC-50-NU, SCM-36, SH2C-96-NU, SH-2-NU, CAB4-725, KCFM-74, LT2-1216, N8030, SPRD60P-74DW, F28110, KCM-50, CT-1216, SPH-50, CAB3-650-ET, F17R102, KHC-96-NU, TG-1622, TT-1221, F17DD54, CAB4-1450, SPRD48P-60DEW, T-1422, F18DR60, SPRD72P-74DW, TT-1418, CAB2-1450, F17R70, SRB, T2-1221H, DCH-FS-48L, DCH-RB-45-40, F18MC52A, F18MC60A, F18MC60F, F18SC52D, F18SC60C, F18FC43, F18FC62, F18DC82, F18WC87, CMB-2, F13WC32, 18699-BSTM, CTP8160-NB, N14-1313-34, KHCR-50B, N-1200, N8169-FA, SH5S, SPF-66W, SPR-40W, SPRF-68EW, MFSC-2020, 186114BST-E, 18672BST-E, SPH-40E, SPM-36E, SPR-40, SPHM-64E, F17FR48, F18DR70, N8100-BR, SPM-28W, CAB2-650-ET, CAB2-813-QT, SHCR-50-BCRT, SCSC-36-EFCRT, 18660PTB-E, 18672PTB-E, CAB2-1200-ET, CAB4-1013-ET, F18FC43-E, F18SC39B-E, F18SC52A-E, N, SCM-60CRT, SCSC-60-EFCRT, SH2C-62-NUCRT, SHC-74-NUCRT, SHC-96-NUCRT, 18672BUCM, SCSC-50-EF, LT-1826, KH-3, WCT-1422, N8043, F2887, N8600, DIS-1013-ET, SPRD36P-50NE, F18RR52, F18SC60D-E, SCI-36CRT, SCU-96CRT, SH-5CRT, SHC-96-NU, SCFT-36-NU, TG-1014, DIS-1013, SHC-60-NU, SCF-74, SH4C-96-NU, F18PD72, DIS-1450-ET, SPHM-50EW, SCF-36, LT-1622, KCSC-60-EF, TG2-1216, KH4CR-96-B, F18FR76, DIS-1450, F17C60, F18WR87, FF-3324, T-1014, T-1622, CAB4-575, KH-5, TT-2020, KHCR-96-B, F17DD64, LT-1418, SPHM-50, F17C95, FFSC-2, TG-1216, SPRD48P-60DW, F17DD32, F17FC84, F17DD73, TG-2020, SPM-50EW, F17R79, SPR-50E, SCM-50, F17FR58

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