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Height (Inches) 3.0
Width (Inches) 3.0
Length (Inches) 6.0
Weight (Lbs) 2.57
Haz Material No
Freight No
Returnable Yes

Fits Models

SPRF-68E, KH3C-96NU, SPF-42, KHC-96NU, SH2C-74NU, SPHM-50W, SCFM-74, DCRU-T32, DC-T45, SPR-64W, SPF-66E, KCSC-36B, NLFAC-8, DCBC-96R, DC-L4, DCRU-T22, DCRU-T25, DCBU-T80, DCCS-SDR, SPM-74W, SPM-36, SPM-50, SPM-50EW, FF-2, SPM-60W, SPRH-68, DC-FT6, SPF-52E, DCRU-H332, DCRU-H2, SPR-40, SPH-40W, DCBC-72R, SCSC-36EF, DCCS-SDRWR, SH-3, NDF-12, SCF-32, KH-3, KCM-74, KCSC-74B, SPRD48P-60N, SPRD72P-74NE, DCRUI-TT32, DC-L2, SHC2-62-NU, SH2CR-96-B, KH4C-96-NU, DCFSRIG-4, N10-1313-34, SCSC-60-EF, SH4C-96-NU, KCSC-74-EF, KH4CR-96-B, DCFSROKS-5, FFSC, FF-3324, KH-3-NU, KHC-96-NU, RFF, N6-1313-34, SCF-74, DC-H2, SPRD36P-50N, DCBU-120, KCSC-50EF, SH3C-74NU, DC-MC4, KHCR-60B, KHCR-50B, SHCR-50B, NLFAC-12, SH3C-96NU, DC-MC3, DCRUO-TT32, DCRU-MC332, SPRD48P-60DW, SHCR-60-B, SPRD60P-74DEW, SH4C-96NU, DCHS-DI, DCBC-48R, DCRU-I, SPF-52W, SCSC-50EF, SHCR-74B, DCBU-38, SPRD36P-50DW, DCRUI-TT40, DCCS-DDWL, DCRU-MC440, DCRUO-TT25, SLT4-R, KH-6-NU, SPCS-30EW, DCRU-L2, DCBU-T38, SPRD48P-50DEW, DCRU-L1, SPHM-64W, SPM-28, SPM-28EW, SH2CR-96B, KHC-74-NU, KHC-50-NU, KH-6, SH2C-74-NU, N6-1313-36, N-1200, FFSC-3324, SCM-36, SH6S, DCRU-MC2, DC-H3, SPR-64EW, SPH-50W, DCTM-38RI, SPHM-64EW, SHCR-60B, KHC-50NU, SH2CR-72B, DCBU-48R, DCRU-T90, DCDM-24, SPM-36W, SH3CR-96B, SPHM-50EW, KHCR-96B, KCSC-36EF, SPF-42E, DCRU-H5, DC-IC4, SPM-74, DCCS-DDRWL, DCCS-SDW, DCRU-TT90, SCF-50, DCDM-36, SPH-64EW, SH4CR-96-B, SCFT-74-NU, KH3C-74-NU, RFFSC, SPRD36P-50DEW, DCBU-T52, SPM-60E, KCSC-74EF, SPF-42W, KHC-60NU, SH2CR-72-B, SHCR-50-B, KH2CR-96-B, DCFSCRD, DCFSRKD-3, N-860, SH2C-96-NU, SH-4-NU, KHCR-74-B, SH3C-74-NU, KH-2, MFSC-57, SPM-50E, KCFM-74, SPR-40EW, KH2CR-96B, SCFT-50, SPRH-68E, SHC-96NU, SPR-64E, SPRH-68W, SPH-64W, KCM-36, NLFAC-16, DCTM-66RI, SPR-40W, DCRU-O, DCBU-96R, DCRU-IC332, DCRU-IC5, DCRUI-TT25, DCCS-DDWR, DCRU-L3, DCRU-L4, DC-T22, DCRU-MC225, SPR-64, KH4CR-96B, KH3C-74NU, DC-TT45, SPM-28W, SCF-36, SPRD48P-50NE, DCCS-DDRW, DCFSOS-XX, KH2CR-72-B, MFSC-2821, N14-1313-34, KH-4, SRB, DCBU-T66, SCM-60, SPM-36EW, DCRU-T20, SHC-50NU, SHCR-96-B, SH2CR-62-B, SCF-48, KH-2-NU, KCSC-60-EF, DCFSRIKS-3, MF-57, KH-5, SH-4, DCFSOS2-XX, SCFT-74, KCSC-50B, DCRU-MC4, SPM-28E, SCSC-96B, SPRF-68W, KCF-74, SCSC-74EF, SCSC-74B, SPCS-30E, SPM-60, SH5S, DCBU-52, DC-FT3, DC-L3, KCFT-96NU, DC-FT5, SCSC-36B, SPH-40, SPR-50E, SPR-50W, SH2CR-62B, SHCR-96B, SPH-64E, SCSC-60B, DCBC-120R, DC-MC2, KRB, DCBU-66, SH2C-62-NU, SCSC-74-EF, FF, DC-T90, DCCS-DDRWR, DCRU-H3, DCCS-SD, DCRU-H4, DCRU-TT45, SPR-40E, SPF-66W, KCFT-36NU, DCRU-IC225, DCRU-T45, DCRU-IT, KH2C-74NU, SH2C-96NU, SPF-52, SPH-40E, SPF-66EW, SPHM-64, DCBU-72R, KCFT-96-NU, KCFT-36-NU, KCSC-36-EF, DCFSRKD-4, SPRD72P-74DW, SPRD48P-50N, DCRU-IC3, DCRU-MC3, DCRU-IC2, DCCS-SDRW, SH3CR-96-B, SHC-96-NU, KH2C-74-NU, DCFSROKS-2, SHC-74-NU, SCFT-96-NU, SH-2-NU, SH-6, KCFT-50-NU, DCFSRKD-5, KCF-36, N14-1313-36, MF-31, SCFT-50-NU, NDF-18, DCRU-T16, DC-IC6, SPRD48P-60DEW, SPRD48P-60NE, SPRD60P-74N, SH4CR-96B, SHC2-62NU, DC-IC2, KCFT-50NU, KH3CR-96B, SCF-60, SHC-74NU, DC-FT2, SPRF-68EW, DCRU-MC5, DCCS-DDR, DCCS-SDWR, MF-44, DCFSRIG-2, SH3C-96-NU, KHCR-50-B, DCCS-SDWL, DC-MC6, SPHM-50E, SCSC-96EF, KCFT-74NU, SPCS-30W, SPRD36P-36DEW, SPRD72P-74N, SPF-66, SPH-64, DCBU-120R, PWT, N-520, SPRD60P-74NE, DCBU-T120, SPM-74E, SPRD36P-50NE, SPM-60EW, SPH-50, DC-TT90, SLT4-L, RFF-103, KHC-60-NU, KCFT-74-NU, KH3C-96-NU, MFSC-2020, NSCF-48, SCM-50, KCM-50, KCM-60, DCRU-T12, DC-IC3, SPH-50EW, DC-IC5, KHCR-74B, KCSC-96B, KH2CR-72B, SPF-52EW, SCFT-96NU, SPHM-50, KCFT-60NU, KHC-74NU, SCFT-36, DC-L5, DC-L6, SH3S, SPR-50, SPRF-68, DCHS-51, DCRU-H225, DCRU-IC4, N, MFSC-44, N-1530, DCBU-80, SPRD36P-36DW, KCSC-96EF, DCTM-RI, SPH-40EW, DCRU-H440, DCRU-IC440, SPHM-64E, SCSC-50B, SCSC-96-EF, KCFT-60-NU, SH-5-NU, SPM-36E, SPM-74EW, DCCS-DD, DCCS-DDW, SHCR-74-B, SCSC-36-EF, SHC-50-NU, DCFSRIKS-5, KCSC-96-EF, DCFSCR, KCSC-50-EF, RFFSC-103, DCFSROKS-4, KHCR-96-B, DCFSROKS-3, KH-4-NU, KH2C-96-NU, FFSC-2, DCFSRKD-2, SCM-74, KCSC-60B, KCF-50, KCF-60, SCSC-60EF, SPF-42EW, DC-MC5, SCFT-60, KH4C-96NU, KCF-36NU, SHC-60NU, DC-FT4, DC-H4, DC-H5, SH2S, SH4S, DCRU-OT, DCBU-T94, SPRD36P-36N, SPRD60P-74DW, MF-2020, SH-3-NU, DCFSRIKS-2, DCFSRIG-5, DCCS-SDRWL, KCFM-50, SPR-50EW, KCSC-60EF, SPCS-30, SPM-50W, SPRD36P-36NE, DCBU-94, DCRUO-TT40, SCSC-50-EF, KH-5-NU, KHCR-60-B, DCRU-T40, SPRH-68EW, SPH-50E, DC-H6, SCFM-50, SCFT-60-NU, SCFT-36-NU, KH3CR-96-B, SH-6-NU, SHC-60-NU, MF-2821, DCFSRIG-3, SH-5, N10-1313-36, DCFSRIKS-4, SH-2, MFSC-31

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