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Height (Inches) 0.25
Width (Inches) 1.25
Length (Inches) 1.25
Weight (Lbs) 0.07
Haz Material No
Freight No
Returnable Yes

Fits Models

1 KACB, 1 KAB, IUH 351, MH-6LM5, MH-6NM5, 100 HDPW, VC1000, 1-KACB, 54DR, 60-USN-72, 70 FFPW, 70 LTFFPW, 86 PW, D-H1M3/90343, UH230, I-DHM4/D2774, UL-100, D-H1TCM5, DH5000T-VHR, 501LT, MH-60M3, EUCC-6, CH-44, 70WSFFPW, CH66, UH-230, 44, D-H1CM3/90343, 80LTHDPW, 185-USN-72, 44 DR, 66 PW, 70 LTHDW, 70FFPW, 80 WSHDPW, 80HDPW, 90 DRHDPW, 90PPPW, D-H1M4, D-HBT, UTL, D-LFM3, D-LF, U-BW, I-UH, UH-150, 401HTN, 501HT, 401HT, 501HTN, EUCCW-6, D-H1T, 44WS, 66DRWSPW, 80DRFFPW, EUCCW-8, US-72, D-HBM3, I-DHM5, MD-44, D-H1TC, D-HBTCM4, USN-72, D-H1, D-LFM4, 80DRHDPW, MH-60M5, MH-6NM3, I-DHM3, 84, DH5000T, DH5000DV, D-HBMS, UH230B, CH44, 1-KAB, 250-USN-72, 44 WS, 54 DR, 66 DRPW, 66 LTPW, 66PW, 76 DRPW, 86PW, 90 PPPW, D-LFM3/90343, D-H1TM5, UH-100, UH-170B, U-H1, D-HBTC, EEUCCW-8, DH5000, EUCC-4, MH-6LM2, MH-6LM3, 201HT, DH5000-VHR, CH-60, D-LFM5, CH60, 120 HDPW, 44 DRWS, 44LT, 66 DRWSPW, 70 WSFFPW, 76DRPW, 80 HDPW, 85-USN-72, MD-66, UH-170, EUCCW-4, D-HBM5, D-HB, UL-150, USN-10, TUW, 351HT, I-DH, 64, D-HBTCM5, 70DRWSFFPW, 70LTHDW, 110 FFPW, UH-230B, 44DR, 66 WSPW, 70 DRFFPW, 80 DRHDPW, 90 FFPW, D-HBM4, D-HBTM5, UH-200B, D-H1M3, DH1TCM5, I 44, D-HBTM4, UH-150B, 201HTN, EEUCCW-4, 201LT, MH-60M2, D-LFM4/90343, D-LFMS, 66LTPW, 80WSHDPW, 66WSPW, UH-100B, D-H1M5, U-HB, MH-6NM2, EEUCCW-6, EUCC-8, I-DHM4, UH-200, D-HBCM3/90343, 100HDPW, 106 PW, 120HDPW, 135-USN-72, 44 LT, 44DRWS, 66DRPW, 70 DRWSFFPW, 80 DRFFPW, 80 DRWSHDPW, 80 LTHDPW, 80DRWSHDPW, D-HBM3/90343, CH-66, U-LD, D-H1TM4, D-H1TCM4, I 66, DHBTCM5, MDHH

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