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Height (Inches) 1.0
Width (Inches) 1.0
Length (Inches) 3.0
Weight (Lbs) 0.29
Haz Material No
Freight No
Returnable Yes

Fits Models

ER48-1AS, WTR119, CRG48, PR74-1BHG, DD78R, PF24-5BG-02, ER74R-1BHG, PRD48-1AS, EF24-5AHS, EF24-1AHS-XDX, CFG74-5, EF74-5AHS, ER48-4AS, PR48-5AG, PR74-1BG, PRD48-1AG, BB48, BB78E, DD50C, CFG24, DD68C, CRG36-1, ER48R-1AG, PRI1R-1AS-02, ER74-1BG, PR48-1AHG-02, KF74, CFG12-1, ER34-1AG, PR74-1BHGS-02, PRT1, EF25, ER48-1AHS, PRT2, ER74-1AS-02-88, ER48-1AG-02-87, PRI2-1AS, DP93, BB58, DP41, ER48, DW64, PRD48, UCR41, WTR93, PRD48-5AS, PWI2-5S, PF48-4BG, EF24-1AS, EF24-1BHG-XDX, DW94-29, PR74, PWD24, EF48R-1BS-02-88, ER34-1AS, ER74-1BHG-XDX, ER34-5AS-02-88, EF48-4BG, PR48-1AG, EF74R-1BHG, PF24-4BG, EF48-5BS-02-88, PF74-5AS-02, PR74-5BHG-02, PF48-5AHS-02, ER74-1BHG, ER74R-1BG, ER48R-1AHG, ER34-5AG-02-87, ER74-5AHS, PR74-1AS, PRD74-1BG, PRF24-24-1AS, PRI1, PRI1-1AS, EF24-5BS-02-88, ER24R-1AHG, PF24-1AHS-02, ER74R-1AHS, PR48-1AG-02, CFG48, PFI2R-1AS-02, PR24-1AS-02, DW79, ER74R-1AS, ER48-1AHG, PRF24-24-1AHS-02, PR48-1AS, BB68, CRG36, PRD74-1AS, PR74-1AHS, PF24-1BG, EF24-1BS, EF74-5AS, EF48-5BHG, EF24-1AS-XDX, EF74-5BHG, PF74, ER48-5AHG, ER24-1AHG, DD58, PFI1, PRT1-1AS, ER48-4AG, PRI1-4AS, EF24R-1AHS, EF48-4AS, EF74-5BS-88, ER74-4AS, PF24-5AS, PF48-5BG, RPF48-24-1AS, BM23, CFG, KR74, ER48-5AG, ER74-1BG-XDX, PF74-5BHG-02, ER34-1AG-02-87, ER74-1AHS, ER74-5AS, PF48-1AS, ER48-5AG-02-87, PR74-5BG-02, PRI2, PRD24-1AG, KF24, PF48-1AHS-02, ER48-5AS-02-88, ER48-5AHS, ER48-1AS-XDX, PF24-1BG-02, PF48-5BHG-02, CFG74, ER24R-1AHS, PR74-1AS-02, ER24-5AG-02-87, ER24-1AS-XDX, BB78, KR36-1AS, WTR41, DD78, PR48-4BG, EF48-1AS, EF48-5AS, EF24-1BS-02-88, CRG48-1, PRT2-1AS-02, EF48, ER48-1AHS-34, ER24-1AS-02-88, CF12, PRF48-241AHGS2, ER24-4AG, PR48-4AG, EF24-5BHG, EF24-1AHS, EF24-4BG, EF74-5BG-XDX, EF74R-1AHS, EF74R-1BG, PR1, PR24-4, PR48-5AS, PRD48-5AG, PWT2-5S, BB48R, BB58E, BB72R, PRF48-24-1AS-02, EF34-1BS-02-88, CRG24, PFI1-1AS-02-11, CFG36-1, PFI2-5AS-02-11, ER74-4, ER48-1AHG-XDX, DW49-29, ER24, KR24, ER74-5, ER74-1AHS-XDX, PF24-1BHG-02, PRF48-241AHS11, PRF12-121HGS02, PRT, PF48-5AS-02, PRT2R-1AS-02, PRT2-1AS, PR74-1AHS-02, PFI1-1AS-02, PRF24-24, PR74-1BHG-02, KF48, KR12, PRD24-1AS, CFG24-1, PR24-1AHS-02, PR24-1AS, MS58, UCR119, KR36, PF74-5BG, EF48-1AHS, DW79-29, ER74-5AS-02-88, ER24-1AG-XDX, ER48-1AS-02-88, PRF12-12, ER74-5BG-02-87, PWD48, PR2, PR24-4AS, EF48-1AHS-XDX, EF24-5BG, EF48-5AHS, ER48-4, BB78R, DD58C, ER74, PF74-5AS, CFG36, PRF12-12-1HS-02, ER24-5AS-02-88, PRI1-4AS-02, PF48, KF36, PF24, DW94, ER-ACCY, ER24-1AHG-XDX, ER48-1AG-XDX, ER74-1AS, KF12, ER24-5AS, PF24-5BHG-02, PW24, PR24-1AHGS-02, DD50R, UCR93, UC, PW24-24, ER74-5BHG, EF74-5BHG-XDX, EF48-1AS-88, EF74-5AHS-XDX, EF74-5AS-XDX, EF24-1BG, EF24-1BHS, EF48-1AS-XDX, EF48-5BG-XDX, EF48R-1AHS, PF48-5AS, PR48-4, PWI1-1S, BB72, BB94, ER, SF34, PFI1-1AS, PR24-1AHG-02, PR48-1AS-02, PF48-5BG-02, CRG24-1, ER48R-1AS, PF48-1AS-02, PRT1-1AS-02, CFG12, ER48-1AHS-XDX, ER24-1AHS, PRI2-1AS-02, PRI1-1AS-02, EF24, ER34-1AS-02, PWI1, MT15, DP119, MT21, MT27, EF24-1BG-XDX, EF24R-1AS, EF74-5BG, EF48-5BS-88, PW48, ER74-1BG-02-87, ER24-1AG, ER24-1AHG-26, EF48-5BG, EF48R-1AS, EF24R-1BHG, DD78C, EF24R-1BG, EF34-1BS, EF48R-1BHG, ER48-4BG, PR74-4AS, PR74-5AS, PRD74-1BHG, PRI24-24, DD58E, CRG74, CFG48-5, EF74, PRI2R-1AS-02, PF74-5BG-02, PR74-5BHGS-02, ER74-1AS-XDX, PR, PR48-1AHS-02, ER74-5BG, GF34, PRF24-24-1AS-02, PRF48-24-1AHS-02, PFI2, PWI-1, PR24-1AG-02, MM27, MS68, PR48, DD50, DD68, DW49, PRF48-24, PR24-4AG, PR74-4, PR74-5, PF24-5BG, EF24-5AS, EF48-5BS, EF48R-1BG, CRG, CRG74-1, ER24-1AG-02-87, ER24R-1AG, ER24-1AHS-XDX, DD78E, ER24R-1AS, PWT1-1S, PR74-5BG, EF74R-1AS, EF24-1BS-88, EF48-5BHG-XDX, EF74-5, ER24-4, ER24-4AS, PF48-4AS, PF74-5, PR48-4AS, BB58R, BM23C, PR74-1BG-02, PF24-1AS-02, PF24-5AS-02, PF74-5BHGS-02, PF74-5AHS-02, PR24, PF24-1AS, DW64-29, ER34-1AS-02-88, ER48-1AG, PFI1R-1AS-02, PFI2-5AS, PR48-1AHGS-02, EF24-5BH, PF48-5BHGS-02, PWI-2, KR48, PRF12-12-1HGS, ER48-5AS, DD94, ER24-1AS, PFI2-5AS-02, ER48R-1AHS, PWI2

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