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ALTO-SHAAM NUT,10-32,NF HEX MS,#18-8 S/S, NU-2215

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Height (Inches) 0.25
Width (Inches) 0.1
Length (Inches) 0.25
Weight (Lbs) 0.013
Haz Material No
Freight No
Returnable Yes

Fits Models

1000-SK-II, 750-CTUS MARINE, 1000-TH-I/D, 1200-S/STD, 1300-DCH/40, 20.20MW, 2800/S-RTM, 2800-SK-III, 500-HW, 500-S/HD, 500-S/STD, 600-LVD/PT, AR -7H, ASC-4G, ED2-96/PR, 300-HW/D443, EU2SYS-72/P, 100-HW/D643, ED2-96/PL, ED2SYS-96/PR, HN2-96, ED2-72/PL, ED2-96/2S, HN2-48, ED2SYS-96/2S, HN2SYS-72/P, EU2SYS-96/PR, EU2SYS-48/P, TY-96/PR, HNSYS-48/P, TYSYS-96/PR, HNSYS-48, 1200-TH-III MARINE, EC2-72/PR, 20�20, PDSYS-96/L, HNSYS-72/PR, 100-HWLF/D6, ED-48/P, PDSYS-96/PL, HN-48/P, TY-96/41R, 1200-UP, 500-E/HD, HNSYS-96, TY2SYS-72/PR, KYSYS-48, 1000-TH-I/HD/D, 1000-TH-I/HD/PT, 1000-TH-II SPLIT, 1300-DCH/48, 1600-DC/20, 20.20W, 300-S, 500 -TH -II, 750-GDU, 750-S/HD/PT, 750-S/STD, 750-TH/I I I, ASC-2E, ASF-60G, 200-HW-D6, 500-TH-II, ED-48, HN2SYS-96/PL, 1400-DC/20, 750-TH-II, HN2-96/PL, 200-HWLF/D4, 400-HWLF/D6, EC2SYS-96/PL, 750-CTUS, ED2SYS-72/2S, TY2SYS-96/PR, EC2-48, EU2SYS-48, EU2SYS-96/PL, HN2-72/PR, HN2SYS-72/PR, 300-HW/D6, EDSYS-96, ED2-60, HN2-96/PR, 1200-SK-III, TYSYS-96/41R, GIEL/M-2, PDSYS-48, TY-96, TYSYS-96, 500-E, 1400-DC/24, 300-TH-III, 20�20G, 500-PVL, ASF-75DS, ED-72/PL, 12�20, HN-72/P, PDSYS-72/PL, 12-20MW, EDSYS-72, PDSYS-48/P, QC-40, HN-48, ASC-4G/e, 1000-S/HD, 1000-S/STD, 1000-TH/I, 1000-UP, MR410, 12.20-RTM/e, 1200-S/STD/PT, 200-CT/BI, 500-TH, 750-CTUS Marine 230V, 750-TH-II/D, 1000-HCM, TY2-48/P, 500-PV, ED-96, TY2-96/PL, ED2-48, EDSYS-48, ED2SYS-72/P, ED2-72, HFT2-300, 200-HW/D4, 1000-SK-I, PDSYS-72/P, 20�20MW, 1000-HM, TY2-96, 500-HWLF/D6, 300-HW/D4, 500-PV/PT, TYSYS-96/41L, 750-S-HD, TY2-72/PL, TYSYS-48, 12�20MW, 1000-TH-III, 100-HW, 1200-S, 1200-S/HD/PT, 1600-DC/24, 200-HW, 300-HFT, 500-S/STD/PT, 500-TH/I I I, 750-TH/II, 767-SK-III, PD2SYS-96, 1000-TH-II, ED2-48/P, TY-72-BASE, ED-96/PR, PD2SYS-48, EC2-72/PL, 1200-TH-III, 1767-SK, ED2-72/PR, ED2SYS-48, ITM-72, EC2SYS-96, TY2SYS-72/P, TY-48-BASE, ED2SYS-48/2S, ED2SYS-96, TYSYS-30/RM, EC2-48/P, 100-HW/D4, 300-HWLF/D6, EU2SYS-72, ED2SYS-72/PR, ED-72/PR, TYSYS-96/PL, 767-SK, EC2-72/P, 100-HW/D6, 500-PVL/PT, HFT2SYS-500, HN2-72/PL, TY-48/P, HN-72, HNSYS-72/P, PDSYS-96, 1767-SK-III, 750-S/HD Marine, 1000 -TH -II-SPLIT, 1000-TH-I/PT, 1000-TH-II/D-SPLIT, 1200-TH/I I I, 1200-UP/HD, 500-S, 500-S/HD/PT, 750 -TH -II, 750-S/HD Marine 230V, 750-S/STD/PT, AR-7H, 1000-SK/II, ASC-4G (Manual), TY2-48, EC2-96/PR, TY2-72/P, TY2SYS-96/PL, ED2-72/2S, HFT2SYS-400, TY2SYS-48/P, EC2SYS-72/PL, TY2-96/PR, EC2SYS-96/PR, HN2-48/P, HN2SYS-72/PL, 200-HWLF/D6, 500-PH/GD, HN2SYS-72, HN2SYS-96/PR, EU2SYS-96/P, 300-HW/D643, 1000-TH-II-SPLIT, 200-HW/D6, HNSYS-72/PL, HNSYS-72, 12�20W, 10.18W, 1000-TH-I/STD/D, 2000-HW, 200-HFT, 500-S/HD Marine 230V, 600 -LVD, 600-LVD, 750-TH-III, 1000-BQ2/192, 500-S/HD MARINE, HN2-72/P, 10-18W, EU2SYS-72/PL, AR-6G, CH-75/DM, EC2SYS-48/P, ED2-48/2S, 1000-BQ2/128, HN2-72, ED2SYS-48/P, TYSYS-96/4R, HNSYS-96/PR, HN-96, 750-S/HD, AS-250, 12�20G, TY-30, 200-CT, ED-72/P, TY2SYS-72/PL, 1000-TH-I MARINE, 1000-S/HD/PT, 12.20W, 2800-RTM, 500 -PH/GD, 500-TH-II/D, ASF-75E, ED2SYS-72/PL, 500-S-HD, HFT2-400, HN2SYS-48, 400-HWLF/D4, EC2SYS-72, 2800-SK/III, CH-200, EC2SYS-48, PD2SYS-72, 1000-BQ2/96, ED2-72/P, ED2SYS-72, HFT2-500, EC2-96, 100-HW/D443, 500-HW/D6, ECSYS-72, ED-96/PL, ED2-96, TYSYS-96/4L, 1000-SK-III, TY-48, ED-72, 1000UP, 300-HW-D6, TY2SYS-72, 750-S, 500-HWLF/D4, SC-30, TY2-72/PR, ECSYS-48, ECSYS-96, 7�14, QC-50, QC-100, TY-96/41L, TY-96/PL, PDSYS-96/PR, KYSYS-96, 1000-S, 1000-S/STD/PT, 1000-TH/I I I, 1000-TH-I/HD, 1000-TH-I/STD, 12.20MW, 1200-S/HD, 300-HST, 300-HW, 400-HW, 500-TH-III, 750-GDU/PT, AR-7H (Electronic Control), AR-7H (Manual Control), ASC-4E, ASF-60E, ASF-75G, ED2SYS-48/p, ED2SYS-96/PL, TY-96-BASE, 12-20W, HN2SYS-96, TY2-72, 300-HWLF/D4, EC2SYS-72/P, TY2SYS-96, AS-2000, HFT2SYS-300, ASC-4G (Electronic), EC2-96/PL, EC2SYS-72/PR, 400-HW/D4, TYSYS-30, EU2SYS-96, 500-E/hd, ITM-48, TY2SYS-48, 500-E/Deluxe, EU2SYS-72/PR, 1000-TH-I, HN2SYS-48/P, TYSYS-48/P, EC2-72, 400-HW/D6, 20�20W, 10.18, 100-HWLF/D4, 500-HW/D4, PDSYS-72, ASF-60DS, 10�18W, PDSYS-96/4R, HNSYS-96/PL, KYSYS-72

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